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Richard Branson 'launches' personalised climate control in Virgin America aircrafts

Tuesday, 1 April 2014 - 4:04pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

Keeping true to his track of pulling global pranks on unsuspecting victims on April Fools Day, Richard Branson 'launched', not one but two, unrealistic technological innovations on social media
  • Richard-Branson Getty Images

Richard Branson's Twitter account sent out a couple of tweets early April 1 morning.

He introduced to the world, Virgin group's newest tech innovations—Virgin building, world's greenest buildings and climate control technology for Virgin America flyers!

The link in the tweets take you to Branson's own blog where he elaborates the concept, with pride fit for a self-made entrepreneur. And in no time at all, the article and videos attached have gone viral online. 

So what where these new innovations, anyway? 

Virgin Buildings, world's greenest skyscrapers:
“These extraordinary Virgin Buildings will positively change the landscape for the environment, architecture and cities around the world. In addition to the striking designs, Virgin Buildings will feature renewable and recycled materials and cutting edge environmental considerations,” Branson explains in his blog entry. “They’ll collect and recycle 100% of their water, using some of this for novel heating and cooling systems, as well as vertical gardens to grow food in the buildings.”

“Some of the buildings will even rotate to change how they interact with the sun,” he informed in his highly exaggerated post. “Flexibility and maximising space considered throughout the buildings too, every single floor is built in a modular way, so walls can contract or expand. If you want a bigger kitchen, we can make a bigger kitchen!”

In his follow-up tweets, he added:

Personalised climate control at 35,000 feet: “Integrating Nest into all of Virgin America’s seatbacks and allowing travellers to control their own personal temperature at 35,000 feet seemed like a natural next step.,” announces Branson's blog post. “The idea came out of a late night discussion with Tony Fadell, Nest’s CEO. We both agreed airline seats should do more than simply take you from A to B. As Tony said: “They should consciously understand your wants and needs. That’s what Nest is doing with the home and now we’re helping Virgin America do it in the sky,” he narrates.

Further tweeting about this, he said:

 Over the day, Branson kept tweeting about the new 'flagship' ventures, inviting enthusiasm from his followers, some of them caught up to the prank, while others continued marvelling at the possibilities. 

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