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Jihad group calls for attack of Indian targets worldwide

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 - 12:06pm IST | Place: Washington | Agency: ANI

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A Jihad group has released a 10-minute video that calls on key fundamental Islamic leaders to attacks Indian targets worldwide in retaliation for the alleged atrocities commited against Muslims in India.

According to a translation provided by the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the jihad group goes by the name of Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind (The Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India). It quotes its leader, Abd Al-Rahman, as appealing in Arabic to Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad; Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri; the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and Al-Qaeda's leaders in Yemen (Nasser Al-Wuhaishi), in Somalia (Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubair), and in North Africa (Abu Mus'ab 'Abd Al-Wudoud), to come forward to protect the Muslims of India.

In the video, Abd Al-Rahman describes Hindus as "hateful", and accuses them of perpetrating crimes like expulsion, imprisonment, rape and killing, and other insults, on Muslims. MEMRI further quotes Abd Al-Rahman as mentioning the Kashmir dispute and the 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in the video.

Abd Al-Rahman maintains that Muslims of India are suffering today under the occupation of Hindus. The video concludes with Abd Al-Rahman seeking the support and advice of these Islamic leaders to attack Indian Government interests and its economic centers in India or abroad until the government collapses. 

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