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Yes. You matter the most to us

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 - 4:16pm IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

You are the ones who make or break a newspaper. You tell us whether we are faltering or doing our job well. You are the ones who make us feel special.

You are the ones who make or break a newspaper. You tell us whether we are faltering or doing our job well. You are the ones who make us feel special. DNA handpicks five such readers who have been doing so since our newspaper took wings. Here’s what they have to say about us:

It helps us draw a clear picture
Gauri Kadam, clinical psychologist

The clinical psychologist said that reading DNA has become a part of her system. “It has become kind of a daily routine for me and even for my 20-year-old son,” she said.

In fact, Kadam did try to switch over to another newspaper, but found herself coming back to DNA for a variety of reasons. “First of all, the daily coverage of local news is really excellent. We get the correct picture of the things happening around us. Even world news is covered well and we stay updated on global events. I like the fact that the paper not only focuses on breaking news, but also gives us detailed perspective on routine incidents that help us draw a clear picture,” she said.

Kadam, who likes the printing quality, said that unlike other papers, DNA’s reports are concise yet detailed.

“What I particularly like about this newspaper is its aggression, especially when taking up certain issues. Also, this newspaper is unbiased and it is reflected in its reports. That is rare to see these days with most dailies picking sides,” said Kadam.

While she likes to read all the sections, two of them that offer her a break after hard-hitting news are DNA After Hrs and DNA Education.
“I don’t have a particular favourite section as all have different piece of news. However, I love to read the Bollywood section in the After Hrs. It’s a pleasure read after hard hitting news in the main section. They have interesting articles on film and TV actors, book reviews and events which are interesting and informative at the same time,” she said.

While Kadam does like DNA Education, she said that the scope of this section should be expanded for student community. “I expect this section to have more articles and trends on various professional courses which students use. Besides reporting on events in education, it should include more information to help students make guided decisions,” she said.

All in all, Kadam said that DNA for her is a colourful newspaper and is presentable with good mixture of various news. “The paper for the last five years has given me what I expected from it. Though I tried changing it, I came back to it. Now, reading this newspaper is part of my DNA,” she said.

I feel connected to my city
Gurdeep Singh, business man
Short yet effective — is what 51-year-old Gurdeep Singh loves about DNA’s style of writing.

“I think over the last five years, I have gradually developed a liking for this newspaper. I think this newspaper reflects the aspirations and emotions of its readers like no other daily. Also, the news reports are short, convey maximum information in minimum words and I don’t ever get bored as the reports are not long,” said Singh.

The transport business owner from Bhawani Peth’s Timber market area feels what makes DNA different from others is the way local issues are reported. “I feel connected to my city and feel this newspaper cares about what is happening in my locality. This is where one can raise their concerns. It is truly a community centric newspaper,” said Singh.

Ask him about his favourite section in the newspaper and he promptly replied, “I like the auto section, insurance and reviews of auto business. I like the way it is presented with in-depth information. I also subscribe to other newspapers but the coverage in DNA is unparalleled.”

Singh also applauded DNA for its design. “I think the newspaper is very easy on the eye. Attractive layouts and colourful pictures are interspersed with news and the presentation has remained attractive for the last 5 years. I wish DNA all the very best and success for years to come,” he said.

DNA’s writing is very simple
Chetan Shah, business in imitation jewellery
“I am a loyal reader of this newspaper for last five years as I like its local coverage of news,” says Chetan.

The reason he subscribes to DNA is its simple writing. “I wished to have an English newspaper as I wanted my daughters to read daily to help improve their language skills as well as brush up on general knowledge. I tried other existing newspapers but found that either they have very difficult language or their local coverage isn’t good. Hence, I switched to DNA and found it to be a very engaging newspaper. Also, it was colourful and attractive,” said Shah.

Not just him, but his wife Jagruti and daughters Devanshi and Dhwani are addicted to the newspaper.

He said that past experience have made him a little sceptical about trying other newspapers. He realised over a period of time that DNA not just gave correct news, but also analysed it. “Most other newspapers focus too much on negative news. But, in this newspaper, I see a right balance,” said Shah. To further his claim, he gave example of the India Positive series of reports carried by DNA.

Another section he likes is the share market column. “Since I am a businessman, it helps me get an insight into the share market and stock prices,” he said.

He added that the price of the paper too is affordable compared to other newspapers.

“The two main reasons I read this newspaper is its uncompromising attitude towards quality of news and lucid language. The language helps many who are first time readers of English newspaper,” said Shah.

You don’t feel like missing important news 
Narayan Sharma, working professional

The 59-year-old Aundh resident prefers DNA for is concise reports and excellent news coverage.

“The reason why DNA is doing so well as compared to other newspapers is its style of writing and news presentation. It has short and detailed news with just necessary details unlike long articles in other papers. These days, no one has the time to go through the entire paper. With DNA, you can read the news faster and get the entire synopsis of a particular story without the feeling of missing important details,” he said.

While the attractive initial offer price prompted him to subscribe to the newspaper, he said that over the last 5 years, it has become not just a part of his daily routine, but of his family as well.

“I think DNA has excellent hold on local as well as national and state news. It covers civic issues very well and I feel it is good to read news of problems of grassroots level faced by citizens. The stories have good pictures too which helps in understanding the larger picture,” said Sharma.

Every Monday, Sharma looks forward to read DNA Money. “My son, who is now in the US, used to like DNA’s sport pages. He said that it had one of the best coverages of both international and local sport,” he said.

“This newspaper makes me feel it is connected with the city. I wish all the very best and success to the entire team of DNA in the years to come,” said Sharma.

For me, DNA is no. 1
Sachin Kulkarni, software professional
Sachin Kulkarni (35) prefers DNA as his daily dose of news simply for its unbiased coverage.

“Initially, I started subscribing to DNA when I was presented a good inaugural offer. But gradually, I found that this was the paper which I always wanted. I expect a newspaper to give us unbiased news, analysis and opinion. I found all these ingredients in DNA. So, I have been reading it for the last five years,” said Kulkarni.

According to him, the social coverage of the newspaper too is very good. “I remember DNA being the first colourful newspaper of the city. It is presentable with right font size and good mixture of various hues. The paper has lived up to its name and for me, it is the no. 1 newspaper.”

In fact, not just him, but his parents too read the newspaper and love it.

The software professional said that most other newspapers often offer a lopsided perspective on news but it was not the case with DNA. “It has always given due weightage to news keeping aside political parties or persons in power. If the news is positive, the coverage too is optimistic and vice-versa. This was the thing about DNA which impressed me when I saw it initially,” he said.

One of his favourite supplements is DNA Money. “The kind of coverage given to the market and business is very detailed. It has superseded all other pink papers. However, Money was incorporated into the main newspaper later. Though we miss the supplement, but the coverage is still unbeatable,” he said.

“I also like the Speak Up page as through that, we get to know the real movers and shakers of the city. Generally, we see news makers and opinion changers on television but our local experts are introduced to us through Speak Up. It’s interesting to read their opinions and views,” he said.

“I like the simple style of writing stories. It is very reader friendly. Yet, they don’t compromise on quality of news, it is very in-depth,” he added.

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