Why is Xiaomi getting the spotlight if Asus is selling better?

Monday, 1 September 2014 - 8:06am IST Updated: Sunday, 31 August 2014 - 11:06pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

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Asus sold 40,00 units of the zenphone through flipkart in just 4 days, its exclusive online sales partner and is continuously updating its stock on the same. However, Xiaomi through three flash sales had initially sold only 20,000 units. So why all this hype?

Xiaomi has been sold out in a few seconds a couple of times, but is this product really that amazing or is this just a very good marketing gimmick? Xiaomi uses the strategy of flash sales where they sell a very small amount of phones with a long pre registration period retaining control of the entire process and as a result a whole lot of the people who want the product don’t get it.

This process, instead of creating a long lasting appeal leads to people feeling frustrated. “I have been trying to order myself a Mi3 since a while now and almost every time it is sold out. After a certain point you decide that there is nothing that the phone is offering that you cannot get elsewhere without the extended waiting period.” said Manna Kanuga who keeps an eye on the smartphone market “After I heard that Mi3 sales are now stopped till Redmi 1S finishes its sale. I have given up on buying a brand that hasn’t got the sustainability I need.”

In the same price range Asus is following a very different strategy.“Asus is focusing on giving its customers a consistent and quality experience. Asus has already established itself as a hardware vendor and now we hope to do the same in the smartphone market. We don’t want to run out of stock because we put in very limited stock. We want to get sold out because the customers love our product so much that people are buying our phones faster than we can make them “said Peter Chang, Country Manager, Asus India

“When we set foot on this journey in search of incredible, we aimed to create the most extraordinary phone for everyone to enjoy. It fulfills every aspect of our Customer Happiness 2.0: Beauty, Sound, Touch, Heart, and Ubiquity,” said Jerry Shen, ASUS CEO 

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