When Google turned Sergey Brin's Sedan into a pink Batmobile on April Fools' Day

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 - 2:22pm IST | Place: NEW YORK | Agency: ANI

Google staff surprised company co-founder Sergey Brin on April Fool's by turning his electric Tesla Model S sedan into a bright pink Batmobile.

The staff at Google's 'X' project division, famous within the company for producing its most visionary products and ideas and currently responsible for the Google Glass project, decided to play a joke on their boss.

The pranksters used pink vinyl to wrap the car so the damage would not be permanent, the News York Daily News reports.

Brin's co workers turned his Model S Tesla car into a pink Batmobile, complete with Bat symbol on the hood, massive rims (complete with Google Chrome logos in their centers), protruding rear bat wings and long, luscious eyelashes adorning the car's headlights.

Google X projects member Corey Tabaka posted a photo to his Google+ account not only of the car, but of Brin taking the joke in good humor and actually taking it out for a spin, the report said.

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