Twitter founder Biz Stone defends Q&A-based Jelly search engine for mobile

Wednesday, 8 January 2014 - 1:10pm IST | Agency: ANI

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone formally announced the question-and-answer based search engine, Jelly, for iOS and Android devices and defended it for being a way of allowing people to 'help each other' and get 'direct answers'.

Jelly is a free app and users can connect with their Facebook and Twitter accounts to ask friends or friends of friends questions, and the app encourages users to post their queries in form of a question with a picture to get rapid responses.

Stone and Q&A service Fluther's co-founder Ben Finkel's creation has been questioned by a few who have opined that people wouldn't generally wait for a legitimate answer to arrive swiftly, Huffington Post reports.

However, the Twitter co-founder is quick to defend the app as he argued that the difference between asking a question on Jelly vs. asking it a regular social media app like Facebook or Twitter is that on Jelly one can get thoughtful and direct answers from people.

Stone further said that unlike a site like Quora, Jelly is built around getting answers efficiently adding that they were explicitly going away from encouraging discussions and making it more like a search engine.

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