The new Indian social network platform with a twist: Treetins gets strangers talking

Monday, 30 December 2013 - 10:18pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

Formed in August 2013, Treetins has launched the website to take forward their philosophy of 'Making Strangers Social' to the virtual world.

Four engineering boys intruiged by the idea of making strangers social launched to help people with similar interests meet. The website is a social network platform that aims to make it easier for strangers to meet and get to know each other.

Formed in August 2013, Treetins has launched the website to take forward their philosophy of ‘Making Strangers Social’ to the virtual world.

Treetins was the brainchild of four friends – Prince Jacob Thomas, Aditya Dhull, Mohit Narwal and Chandy Thomas – three of whom have studied at Christ University in Bangalore.

How is it different from other social networks?
 It is a platform that cares more about what you express than who your connections are. All users join anonymously and can browse through the site by keying in interests. The site will then throw up all entries (‘expressions’) on that particular topic. You can choose to ‘converse’ with a person whose post you like. On the other end, that person will receive your request and on the basis of your description of yourself and the posts you have been sharing till now can take a call whether he or she wants to continue communication with you.

How it all started
The efforts to building the culture of meeting new people in the real world were started long ago by the four engineers.

"Our Making Strangers Social initiative kick started with the Share Your Table idea, an offline activity set up in partnership with restaurants/ cafés/ pubs around Mumbai, which gives people a chance to share their tables with complete strangers," said Mohit Narwal, co-founder of Treetins.

"Our ‘Hi Stranger’ photography project was done on the streets of Mumbai where we brought complete strangers to pose together like they know each other. We now want to go online and give people an opportunity to meet like-minded people without the worrry of meeting someone creepy or not-real," he added.

The road ahead
" In the months that follow, we plan to branch out and run the Share Your Table initiative in cities like Pune, Delhi and Bangalore as well. The four of us will be building more ideas to promote positive interactions between strangers. We believe that human interactions even if unexpected always lead to something good. We simply want to do our bit to spread the culture of Making Strangers Social," said founder Chandy Thomas.

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