Study reveals that redheads falling prey to extinction due to climate change

Tuesday, 8 July 2014 - 1:18pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: ANI

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We may feel a drop in the number of 'redheads' around us, as a new study claims that they may very soon be on the verge of extinction.

The gene in people with red hair and pale skin is believed to be a result of the cloudy climate in Scotland, where the sunny weather is slowly taking over, the Independent reported. It is more sensitive to light, which leaves DNA in skill cells more prone to sun damage and cancer, and if predictions of rising temperatures were correct, evolution might cause it to regress.

Managing director of ScotlandsDNA in Galashiels, Dr Alistair Moffat said that they think red hair in Scotland, Ireland and in the North of England was due to adaption to the climate, and the reason for it may be that the people do not get enough Vitamin D through the sun.

But if the climate was too get less cloudy, it may affect the gene which would ultimately result in lesser amount of 'ginger' people.

According to the statistics, only 1%-2% of the world's population have red hair, and the score is highest in Scotland with 13%, who also have 40% chance to carry the gene forward.

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