Now, an app that won’t let you miss internet

Monday, 10 March 2014 - 6:08pm IST | Agency: dna

A new text-based app store to simplify the process of gathering information from the internet was launched in the city by txtWeb in association with Bharti Airtel on Tuesday.

The app store will allow users to gain access to information from the internet by simply texting the key words  of what they desire, preceded by ‘@’ to 51115. 

Managing director of txtWeb Manish Maheshwari says: “The app allows anyone with a simple mobile phone to create, discover and consume any information at any point in time, without internet connectivity. This can be seen as beneficial considering the fact that 600 million Indian mobile subscribers do not have access to a computer or mobile data plans.”

The app also has benefits for regular commuters. “I can check my train reservation status by simply SMSing @PNRALERT to51115,” says Naresh from Indore.

Sumit from Mumbai boasts how you can “just SMS @CRI to 51115 and get the latest score on your phone irrespective of wherever you are,” amplifying the ease of catching up on the results of your favorite team.

The perk of this app is based on the fact that the users can receive the data they require without the hassle of sifting through spam, which is often the case when researching events on the internet. 

Manoj from Noida says: “With txtWeb, I have information at my fingertips. I am not tied to a computer or even a mobile data plan,” implying that the app can allow individuals to be less restrained to their laptop.

Maheshwari illustrates how the app provides the opportunity of bringing information to people who do not live in modernising cities. “For the rural masses in India, SMS-based applications can turn basic mobile phones into news portals where TV and newspaper penetration is minimal. SMS apps are already being used by farmers to receive market prices for their produce. This has enabled them to remove middlemen, thereby increasing their profit margins and providing customers a fair price for their produce.”

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