Lady Love to meet the Lord of Rings in space

Sunday, 25 November 2012 - 4:48pm IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

The last conjunction of Venus and Saturn was reported in September last year.

Come November 27 and you will see the ever-bright Venus coming closer to Saturn. The morning of Tuesday will see the shining star coming close to Saturn, with a separation of just less than one degree, more precisely 0.6 degrees.

Deepak Joshee of Jyotirvidya Parisanstha (JVP) said, “The phenomenon is expected to occur around 5 am, an hour and fifteen minutes before local sunrise and can be viewed in the South-East direction. Venus would be at 34 degrees south of Saturn and its elongation to Sun would be at 29 degrees west.”

He added, “The best time to watch the alignment would be between 5am and 7am as both the planets would have sufficiently risen above the horizon, but the sky would still be dark, creating the right ambience for viewing.”

He added that the size and brightness of both the planets make it a telescopic event as well as one that can be viewed with naked eyes.

Often referred to as the ‘morning star’, Venus, also known as the goddess of love and beauty, would be comparatively brighter than Saturn in the morning sky, enabling sky gazers to spot it quickly.
The conjunction is just a perception about the two celestial bodies coming close and there will be no physical action of coming together in space.

It is just that the Earth comes in line with Saturn and Venus, both of these having completely different rates of revolution around the Sun. The earlier conjunction of the two planets was reported in September last year.

Do Not Miss On Tuesday
The Jyotirvidya Parisanstha has made special arrangements at Kesari Maratha building for viewing of this celestial phenomenon for all sky enthusiasts, between 5am and 8am.

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