Google sued for hosting copyrighted photo on 'Sexy Executives'

Thursday, 9 January 2014 - 11:11am IST | Agency: ANI

A legal and financial services provider based in Des Moines, Iowa has reportedly sued Google for hosting a website called 'Sexy Executives' that contained a picture of its senior vice president and chief marketing officer Ann Dieleman.

ARAG North America Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the search giant for the parody website that published Dieleman's corporate photo and snarky comments of a marketing executive.

According to ABC News, the blog site called,, a satirical site, which is managed by an unknown party, has the words, "Sexy Executives: Corporate photography" at the top with company headshots of executives taken from PR pages of company websites and are published periodically.

The corporate photo of Dieleman was published on Dec. 7, 2009, with comments about her smile and gums and after Google refused to take down the photo, Dieleman and ARAG have sued the search giant.

Dieleman said that her company followed the appropriate procedures to remove the content, however, after continued back and forth, it was time to assert her legal rights.

Meanwhile, an email from Google stated that it encourages them to resolve any disputes directly with the blogger in question, the report added. 

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