Facebook sued for 'falsifying' member endorsements for sponsored ads

Saturday, 11 January 2014 - 12:08pm IST | Agency: ANI

Facebook has been sued for falsifying member endorsements through their “likes” for advertising purposes.

Colorado resident and Facebook user Anthony Ditirro filed a complaint against the social networking giant for allegedly misrepresenting him in a sponsored advertisement for “USA Today” in November of 2013, Cnet reports.

Ditirro claimed that it was shown to at least one of his social network friends, despite he never visited USA Today's Web site, or clicked the like button on its website or Facebook Page.

The complaint accuses Facebook of breaking a number of California civil and business codes, and argues that class members should receive statutory and punitive damages of at least 750 dollars per person for the unauthorized use of their likeness.

Earlier, Facebook was sued for allegedly intercepting private messages of the users. 

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