DDB Mudra traces young mindsets, attitudes through Youth Report

Monday, 23 December 2013 - 10:18am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Are you a Passionista or a Kite? Do you believe in YOLO? Do you think mistakes committed at workplace by ordinary looking people are forgiven and those made by good-looking persons are blown out of proportion? Or, is it the other way?

DDB Mudra’s Youth Report, compiled by people in the 17-25 age group, raises many such questions and have the answers, too. The study looks at sex, faith, substance, love, beauty and money from the perspective of the youth and throws some interesting insights.

On sex, for example, it says the youth seek the story the media has created and “sex is glamourised to such a level that the real act may never live up to the fantasy in their minds”.

The Youth Report also has throws a fresh perspective on the attitude of the youth towards money.

“The youth want to lead life king size, till the very last penny is spent. The last 10 days of the month may be spent in utter poverty, but the first 20 will be spent really living it up,” it says. While possessing a lot of money will ensure a smooth, good life, not having enough money is not a situation the youth can’t cope with is another observation.

Live-in relationships were another topic covered by the study. Such relationships punctuate the lives of almost 65% of the working youth at some point or the other, it says.

Passionistas and Kites are among the five mindsets the study listed. Passionistas are people who frequently think from their heart and are loyal towards their brands despite newer, attractive options.

Kites are those who follow others while making buying decisions. Racehorse, Label and Shiny Disco Ball are the other groups.

YOLO is You Only Live Once.

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