Top 10 relationship killers

Monday, 22 October 2012 - 11:45am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Avoid any hazardous speed bumps with our list of the top 10 relationship killers.

Avoid any hazardous speed bumps with our list of the top 10 relationship killers

1 Quirky habits turn annoying: Simple idiosyncrasies — that we think make us endearing, like channel surfing quickly or using five blankets even in the summer — can eventually turn into ticking time-bombs.

2 Not hanging out with each other’s friends: And for that matter, not even getting along with your significant other’s friends/family is a major deal-breaker for many people. There must be a balance between friend time, couple time and when the two overlap.

3 Texting or IM-ing all day while at work: Save the conversations for later; it will affect what you have to talk about on date night.

4  Pouring your heart out in a card: It’s a little too much to handle for anyone if you wrote a novel inside the card. Instead find a funny card and just sign your name.

5 Being too open or too secretive about your past: Theres a fine line between being open and describing every little detail of who you’ve dated. If he wants to know about your past, give short and sweet answers and then move on.

6 Social media stalking: If you’re looking at your lover’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all the time, step away from the computer. NOW.

7 Being too available: Don’t play hard-to-get by ignoring calls, delaying message responses or making up plans when you’re actually free. Don’t lose your independence too early in a relationship either.

8 Pushing the ‘What are we?’ talk: The fastest way to end a relationship is to talk about where it’s going. Don’t, let it come up organically.

9 Doing the chasing: Sure, we’re all for a woman asking a man out. But there is a huge difference between making the first move and being a stage-five clinger.

10 Different lifelong goals: You can’t change a person and what he/she wants out of life. If you want to get married and you’re dating someone who doesn’t, get out of that relationship ASAP.

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