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Astroarchitect Neeta Sinha, believes that an individual's persona affects his/her environment and vice versa, and for a happy and successful life one must match his horoscope with the spaces around him/her
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You have probably heard that every structure like any living person has its own unique energy. So if you can have a personal horoscope, so can a premise that you live or work in. What does a horoscope of a premise look like? How does it work? To get the answers to these questions we met Neeta Sinha bollywood's favourite astroarchitect. Sinha has been in the field of astro-architecture for the last 28 years.

Neeta's journey
A non believer, Neeta was astounded by the predictions made by late DR Kusuma regarding her life, igniting a powerful desire to learn the science. Her curiosity to know more set her on a quest that led to years of research.
Neeta has worked with prominet clients from varied fields. Her list of clients include Vijay Raheja and Associates, K Raheja Universal, actors Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Suniel Shetty, Farhan Akhtar, designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and the Maharani of Jaipur HH Padmini Devi among others.

About Astro-architecture
She says, "It's a unique science based on the belief that a man's persona affects his environment and vice versa. Like a living person, every structure has its own unique energy. To ensure you have a happy, successful and fulfilled life, one must match his/her horoscope with the spaces around him/her. Astro-achitecture is one such research led conviction, which is a fusion of astrology and architecture. It aims to create a balance between living persons and their spaces."

How it works?
As the name suggests, astro-architecture is the application of the laws of astrology to the dimensions of architecture. It works following the basics of meta-physics and occult sciences to create a balance between an individual and his/her premises. Neeta says, "Different corners of a premise have different energy forces affecting different aspects of an individual's life. The application of astro-architecture along with its simple yet powerful remedies, helps in maintaining a balance between the positive and negative energies to enhance prosperity, peace and positivity."

To get the horoscope of your premise, you need:
To get your flat's horoscope, you have to approach Neeta with the basic details ie if it's a residential or commercial premise, the name of the owner (specifying whether it's a rental premise and the names of the people occupying the same), apart from the above if it's a commercial set up, you also need to provide Neeta with the company's name, director's name, specify if it's a branch or a corporate office, also give details about products manufacture in the premises if it's a manufacturing or pharmaceutical firm. Also, taking the layout of the flat, and mentioning the direction of the premises is also a vital requirement. Neeta charges Rs 15,000 onwards for a basic consultation session

Tips you can use
The front door should have a vibrant colour.
Never play with two opposite mirrors or the colour red as when used in a positive area can benefit you, but when in a negative area can result in disastrous consequences.
No matter how hard you try, there is always one area in the house where clutter exists, place extra light and use orange paint on the walls for a positive feel.
If you notice constant leakage or seepage of water in a particular area of the bathroom, despite repeated attempts to fix the same, try reducing the size of the mirror in the bathroom.
Green plants are a welcome addition in the home and should be used as part of the decor.

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