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Saturday, 15 February 2014 - 6:00am IST Updated: Friday, 14 February 2014 - 7:18pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Photographer Fiorenzo Senese who’s showcasing in the city shares his inspiration.

Banking and photography don’t go hand-in-hand and certainly sound like chalk and cheese, juxtaposed together. However, Fiorenzo Senese is equally passionate about both saying, “My life is split 50-50 between banking and fine art photography. Both are equally good and important to me. Speaking of photography, it’s a great form of expression and the best way to capture an emotion and a moment.”

Body of work
In the year 2008, he saw a selection of his photos of the Italian Navy’s historic sailing ship Amerigo Vespucci, featured in the archive of the same ship. Whereas, the year 2009 presented him with the opportunity to host two solo exhibitions in Istanbul; the first, titled A touch of Italy was requested on the occasion of Italian Day, organised by the Italian Institutions present in Turkey. The second exhibition, Instants of instinct, was the opening event of the ninth week of the Italian Language in the World, organised in Istanbul. In November 2011, he was one of the guest artists at the Italian Pavilion on the occasion of the Istanbul International Art Fair, where Italy was the guest of honour country.

Growing up in Italy and living around the world thanks to his profession, Senese’s been staying in the maximum city since one and a half years now, dividing time between work and pleasure. Senese’s latest show titled Dreamlike Dimension, contains 29 photographs taken around the world — mainly Italy, Morocco, Turkey and India, and some dating back to his childhood.

Senese inherited his father’s love for photography during his teens, when he began taking pictures using his father’s Zeiss Ikon 1954 make camera. In fact, he still uses this one at present as it had tremendous sentimental value attached to it, despite having many other cameras. So why didn’t he take up photography as a full-time profession? “I wanted to, but it was difficult to get a good income doing photography as a teenager. I wanted to complete my education and then later, took up banking,” says the Italian bank manager.

Body of work
The process of selection of several years of photography for Dreamlike Dimension began a year ago. “The idea for Dreamlike Dimension came from my memories, from my personal experiences from the various countries that I lived in. These photographs explain my style of photography, referring to the techniques adopted by the impressionist painters who lived centuries ago, like the use of dark shadows, light, blurring, etc. in their works. I’m attracted to this kind of vivid techniques. I love the over and under exposure and grainy effect, to name some,” says Senese, whose passion lies in conveying emotions, experiences and memories through his photographs.

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