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Scientist claims technology to take over humans by 2045

Monday, 7 July 2014 - 2:30pm IST | Agency: ANI

 Physicist Louis Del Monte has claimed that humans would be taken over by the new artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the next 30 years.

According to Business Insider, Del Monte said that today there's no legislation regarding how much interconnected and intelligent the machines could be and if this exponential trend kept on going, then many experts have predicted that they would reach the singularity in the time frame, News.com.au reported.

They have also started to learn self-preservation, which was an implication, regardless of the point to whether or not they're conscious and that could mean that humans would no longer be the top species, but machines would take their place, he further added.

Machines have already become the major part of people's lives, as they replace their own limbs with the artificial ones, so the physicist alleged that they would become cyborgs, part human and part machine and the technology would be a threat to the survival of humankind.

Del Monte was concerned that the future might come down to man versus machine, when machines become more intelligent than humans and that machines, like robots, might view humans as unpredictable and dangerous.

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