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Injustice to Gujarat in union cabinet: Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 - 8:43pm IST | Agency: PTI

Gujarat assembly opposition leader and senior Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela alleged here today that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done "injustice" to the people of Gujarat by giving berth to only "one and a half" people from the state in his cabinet. As per Vaghela's logic, there are "one and a half" ministers from Gujarat in the union cabinet, including Modi himself and Bharuch MP Mansukh Vasava, who is Minister of State (MoF) for Tribal Affairs. Thus, Vaghela counted him as "half" since MoS is a considered a junior post to cabinet minister.

"Injustice to Gujarat began as soon as the union cabinet was formed yesterday. The people of Gujarat gave BJP 26 out of 26 seats and yet, only one and a half ministers will represent the state," Vaghela said during a press conference here today. Vaghela also added that Arun Jaitley and Smriti Irani cannot be considered representatives of Gujarat, since they were elected as Rajya Sabha MPs from Gujarat.

"Even if you include them, the count reaches only two and a half ministers from Gujarat. If they are considered from Gujarat, then our prime minister should be considered a representative of Uttar Pradesh, since he won from Varanasi as well," explained Vaghela, who also termed Modi's whirlwind meetings with SAARC nation leaders as nothing but "cheating on chai pe charcha".

"This is a sophisticated cheating on 'chai pe charcha'. What results can you expect from such meetings, which lasts only for 15 to 20 minutes? Modi government is misleading the people. Such diplomatic discussions over a cup of tea is a big joke," said Vaghela, who suggested that Modi should have called each leader seperately. "If he (Modi) was really serious, he could have called each leader separately in the days to come for detailed discussions. But, just for the sake of publicity, all of them are called for meetings one after another immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. What is the use of such meaningless discussions," Vaghela asked.

Vaghela also alleged that many parties within the NDA are now dissatisfied with Modi about cabinet formation and invitation extended to SAARC leaders. "A sitting MP of Vaiko's party today faced arrest over the invitation to Sri Lankan president. Shiv Sena has also been ignored in cabinet formation. A soldier's widow also asked Modi why the Pakistan PM was invited. This is the beginning of the downfall of this government," Vaghela said. He openly alleged that Modi's government is actually a "corporate house run government".

"It is beyond the capacity of the BJP and RSS to spend crores of rupees in election campaigns. Those who funded the expenses now run the government. It is a corporate house-run government and the cabinet has begun favouring corporates," Vaghela alleged.

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