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I love my partner & am happy with it: A gay youth

Thursday, 12 December 2013 - 2:24pm IST | Place: Jaipur | Agency: DNA
A gay youth says it's difficult to survive in Indian society.

Akash (name changed), a 16-year-old schoolboy, was sodomised by three men five years ago.

The boy had asked for lift from a stranger at SMS Hospital that night.

The trauma and shame was such that he could not tell about the incident to even his best friend.

The day changed his entire life. He is now a ‘gay’. He is down on confidence. The way he used to feel changed that very day. He is 21 now and says that girls do not attract him like they do to other boys of his age.

“I never saw into anyone’s eyes thereafter. I am afraid. I am different from other boys but I’m okay with it now as I have dissolved the pain in my life,” Akash opens up while speaking to dna.

“I have a friend since class XI. We used to have lunch together, study together, play together. I cared for him and he cared for me. Gradually I found him different from others. He didn’t tease me. He never made fun of me. We got close and now, close enough,” Akash adds as his voice trembles.

Being a homosexual is not a crime at all, he says.

“I don’t think that being a gay is crime. I feel comfortable with him. It is okay if God made us this way. Each human being is different from the other. We are different in this way,” he adds.  Though, his family members are unaware of his relationship with a person of same gender, he says he is afraid.

“My family doesn’t know about this. I am sure if they get to know they won’t be able to bear it. We are living in a society which would kill them by taunts and disrespect. I hope it remains a secret,” Akash adds.

“A Supreme Court verdict can’t define one’s life,” he says while reacting on SC ruling on homosexuals.

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