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Delhi gang-rape: Mumbai speaks out

Sunday, 30 December 2012 - 11:04am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Girl students speak about their fears in a 'relatively safer' Mumbai and suggest ways to improve security for themselves in the metropolis.
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Mumbai is comparatively safer than Delhi for women. In Mumbai, a girl can travel alone. I have travelled in trains alone as late as 1am. But in Delhi, it’s not safe to step out after 7pm. Rapists should be punished at appropriate time so that people don’t get encouraged to commit such crimes.’’
—Nikeeta Shinde, MBA student, St Francis College

As a kid, on my way to school, I have been flashed at by strange men. Some men have an exhibitionist tendency and indulge in sexually deviating behaviour. This attitude needs to be changed. The existing deep-rooted psycho social pattern is to be blamed for the heinous crimes being committed against women. Women also need to be stronger emotionally and mentally.”
—Nikita Dhanraj, student of Mithibai College

I often have to stay late in college for completing projects till 10 or 11pm. Many girls like me take late trains. I feel that police protection needs to increase in trains, especially in the first class ladies compartment. Generally, women feel unsafe while travelling in ladies compartment at night as it is empty’
—Richa Shah, student of Raheja College

We require more policemen in the city. It’s not just unsafe during night, but even during the day. If it is a crowded train or bus, people grope at girls. Even when we are standing at platforms, men stand at the door and pull our hair or dupatta from the moving train.”
—Aarti Gupta, a student of SYBCom

Nowadays, girls prefer to walk short distances even if it is late instead of taking a bus or a cab because fares have gone up. This can be dangerous as instances of violence against women are rising. The government needs to make public transport affordable and safer for women.’’
—Bhavna Jain, a student of DAV College

Mumbai is safe during the day, but we need to work on making it safe at night too. Many women travel at night, especially those working in call centres. For their security, policemen have to be posted in such areas to keep a check on anti-social elements. If a woman feels unsafe and approaches constables, they should escort her home.”
—Anjali Surira, a resident of Bhandup

Mumbai policemen are so rude at times that girls are afraid of approaching them. They need to calm down. Also, men feel that just because a girl has worn western clothes she is inviting such behaviour. We need to change this mentality.”
—Raveena Jain, a student of RD National College

Some men pass lewd comments. If a girl reports such incidents to the police, they need to take it seriously. It may seem like just a comment, but if they get away with such behaviour it will encourage them to commit serious crimes.
—Sejal Mehta, a FYJC commerce student

I have been living in Mumbai for 15 years. I feel though the city is generally safe, women should still carry self-defence objects such as pepper sprays. I always travel with my family and prefer not to travel alone.”
—Meher Hamraz, a student of jewellery designing

We need woman constables’ presence inside trains at night as train travelling continues to remain unsafe. The number of women-driven cabs should increase. I would feel safer with a woman constable.”
—Anisha Teckchandani, a student of Thadomal Shahani College

Our parents are scared more than us of our safety after the Delhi incident. They have put restrictions on us and force us to come home on time. But I am strong and brave will not let such things scare me.’’
—Shrutika Shinde, a student of MD College

Women safety will only be taken seriously if we raise our voices every time we face harassment. I sometimes ignore it when someone accidentally brushes past me, but if it gets too much I shout at the person. The ‘chalta hai’ attitude needs to stop.”
—Saudamini Jadhav, FYJC Science, MD College lives in Sewri

There needs to be better police patrolling at night. The number of cabs driven by women should increase and rapists should be hanged. Immediate action should be taken against people who commit such crimes. We should not wait for years to prosecute them.”
—Shraddha Kadam, a class IX student

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