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At the top, dangers are part of the game

Saturday, 19 April 2014 - 8:45am IST | Agency: dna

Climbing the Everest is fraught with danger

Ram Singh of J&K Police who scaled Mount Everest in 2008. He has so far scaled 24 mountain peaks

Weather and avalanches are the major problems on the Mount Everest. High-speed winds are the biggest cause of casualties on the world's highest peak. In the inclement weather, the wind blows at the speed of 150 to 200 kilometres. It is very hard to withstand these conditions. There is always fear of casualties in these conditions.

Mountaineering is always fraught with dangers. Unless you take risks, you cannot climb the mountains. Sometimes you have to negotiate with these dangers to cross over. If you are lucky, you can succeed. If not, then the accidents might happen.

However, safety always comes first. You ought to take safety precautions while negotiating mountains. You should skip the avalanche-prone routes while climbing the mountains. However, sometimes you have to pass through vulnerable points because there is no other alternative route available. But you have to be sure of your timing while taking the calculated risks. Because if the corners crash the avalanches will occur.

Ice corners are located on top of the mountain passes. When temperatures increase, these corners soften and crashes down as avalanches. If God forbid someone is trapped, his survival chances are very less.

Plus the global warming has affected the glaciers all over. The global warming is causing the glacier movements. Temperature increase has also led to the melting of the glaciers.

Training and equipment is important for mountain climbing. Only the highly trained and medically fit climbers are selected for the arduous journey. You have to take steps for ensuring safety.

Gone are the days when people used to climb wearing ordinary footwares that could give frost bites. Today, the state of the art equipment is available. You have a shoe which can withstand minus 40 degrees Celsius temperature. You have jackets and other equipments which are of great help for the climbers.

Timing is another factor which a climber needs to take into consideration while starting the journey. Weather reports are integral part of the climbing. Today you have an access to some good and credible weather reports. You have to take weather forecast into consideration before choosing your time to climb.

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