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5 reasons why Priyanka Gandhi should be the next Congress poster child

Saturday, 17 May 2014 - 6:30pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

After the worst losses, the Congress has ever suffered since its inception, tongues are wagging as to how they managed not just to lose, but to lose so spectacularly. Rahul Gandhi at the moment is one of the most disappointing figures in the country for a plethora of reasons. Whether it was his demeanour while he sat opposite Arnab Goswami, his refusal to confront Narendra Modi's jibes at him head on or his awkwardly nonchalant display at a press conference alongside his mother where he smilingly admitted to the press that he took complete blame for the Congress loss.

The MP from Amethi is one of the worst fixes he could be in and seems a dangerous bet for 2019 where the Congress will undoubtedly try to gain back the power the BJP has wrested from them in the past election.

Many are now looking at his sister, Priyanka Gandhi to carry on the mantle for the Congress considering despite her campaigning in Amethi and Rae Bareli she hasn't actively sought a seat in the parliament. Yet she does embody many qualities that meke her a viable candidate. Considering she has been raised by her mother who rose to power amidst the Congress' darkest days, Priyanka does have the know-how about how she can effectively run a party.

Not only does her lineage and intelligence play to her advantage, she also has the distinct style of personalized campaigning. Right from 2009, her addresses always inspire warmth and communication amongst the audience. A very important factor since the Congress biggest failure in the 2014 elections was a lack of effective communication.

Some say only she will be able to lead what is left of the Congress into the future. Whether this is a smart move considering her effortless charisma or just tunnel vision whether people are unable to look away from the Congress' dynastic regime, will remain to be seen. Here are reasons why Priyanka Gandhi should lead the Congress in their upcoming endeavours. 

1. Her supporters are already vocalising their thoughts
As Congress supporters watched in horror from behind their couches on May 16, a group of supporters were apparently chanting 'Bring Priyanaka, save the Nation'. Rather her different set of sentiments from those her brother inspired this Friday.

2. Congress party seniors are willing to vouch for her
The All India Congress Committee is reportedly full of those who are willing to back Priyanka Gandhi. A Congress Working Committee (CWC) member was even quoted as having said, "Priyankaji has the inspiring qualities of Indiraji while Rahulji has more the innocence of Rajivji."

Even the public was witness to Priyanka's tireless campaigning in Amethi and Rae Bareli where she attempted to regain some control over the Congress' fledging campaign.

3. Conversely they have lost confidence in Rahul Gandhi
Both when Rahul Gandhi was the Congress' prime ministerial candidate as well as when he functioned as the AICC General Secretary, his style of functioning was not overly appreciated by Congress members. He is also believed to be more comfortable at home away from the limelight.

4. Priyanka is the Congress' final card to be played
Whether the nations wishes to accept it or not, the Congress has always been synonymous with the Gandhis, at least to the common man. Considering Sonia Gandhi cannot qualify as Prime Minister and her son is currently not at his best, she is the final option left if the Congress is to cling to its image of dynastic dignity. 

5. Damage control
Perhaps Priyanka's best quality so far is that she has not collected quite the hatred that her brother has over the period of the last election. Despite some embarrassing statements made with reference to Smriti Irani, Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi, none of them received half as much attention as her brother's faux pas when he skipped the dinner honouring Manmohan Singh. 

Currently it seems that a good stylist and PR team is indispensable when it comes to capturing public interest is as actual political know-how, Priyanka hasn't made any glaring mistakes just yet.  

So whether it's her credentials ie being Sonia Gandhi's daughter or her insistence on connecting with her voters, Priyanka Gandhi seems the ideal choice for the Congress attempts at keeping some of the power they lost to the BJP.

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