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Newbie Mohit Marwah talks about his cousin Arjun Kapoor over food and films

Arjun and Sonam Kapoor's cousin, Mohair Marwah (his mother Reena is Boney and Anil Kapoor's sister), is making his Bollywood debut in Fugly. here the newcomer talk about his star cousins. Read on...

My cousin Arjun:
Arjun is my cousin and Boney, Sanjay and Anil are my mamas. He's a very closed person and takes time to open up to people. He's the complete opposite of what he played in Gunday. I was shooting in Mehboob when someone told me Arjun was also there for a photoshoot. I rushed over to meet him and he was like 'what are you doing here?' It was a great feeling for both of us shooting at the same studio at the same time. We had lunch together and when after he finished his shoot he spend time my sets. Salmanbhai and Akshay were also on the sets shooting for the title song so it was like one big starry set! We had all these big boys shooting and the energy was amazing! I remember Akshay asking me 'yaar teri height kitni hai? Tu bahut lamba lagta hai!' (laughs). I am 6 feet 1 inch.

My childhood days
Arjun and I have grown up together. We cousins (Sonam, Rhea, Arjun and his sister Anshula) hang out as a close group of friends. I bounce off scripts to both Sonam and Arjun as both are actors and have been working for a while. It makes sense to ask them as they are young and know what's going on. When we all meet we only discuss movies so much so that the people around us especially my Delhi friends get bored with us. They feel left out. I watch all Arjun's films and I think I am more a critic than a fan. If there's something I don't like I tell him honestly because that's the kind of relationship we share. When you are the same age and very close to a person then you can go and say whatever you want. I loved Ishaqzaade and 2 States and found Gunday to be very entertaining.

My journey
When I entered Bollywood Arjun did tell me certain dos and donts. He has his own rules which he plays by. Some of my relatives have given me tips which include: be sure of the script and sign the film if it's challengeing, always focus on the your role and give it your all while while doing your part and stay on the right track I feel as an actors one should go and carve your own journey while taking little bits from others. I know Arjun too feels the same. In acting you can't take tips from anyone and that's the fun of it doing things individually.

My foodie friend
Arjun is a huge foodie and so am I and we both have to work our asses off so that we can enjoy the food. We are both Punjabi boys who love our butter chicken. Just recently I downloaded a healthy set of recipes from the internet which I shared with him. I keep searching online for food recipes and when he's not working he's only watching movies. He has the biggest collection of of movies. In fact he's my library when I want to watch films. Arjun and I have our exchange offer which you are the first to know - I give him healthy yet delicious food recipes in exchange for DVD's. As a child I remember Arjun as a fat kid but I never made fun of him ever. Every time I used to come to Mumbai from Delhi he was my anchor to the world here because barring my cousins I didn't know too many people here. In a way he helped me meet lots of ppl and I found my space. As a kid he used to attend every birthday party as he was a great dancer even then. Arjun would enter every dancing competition as he's fond of dancing and I would clap for him from the sidelines.

Arjun on Mohit
I am very happy somebody else from the family is also turning an actor. Mohit has always been fitness conscious since the age of 16 while I had to struggle to get rid of my weight. He's the one in my family who started going to the gym first and forces me to eat healthy food. Mohit and I have always shared a passion for movies ever since we have known each other. As kids Akshay, Rhea, Sonam, Mohit and I would hang out together. We never had friends because we were many cousins and would always hang out together and were more friends in many ways than one. Whenever Mohit has needed me I have been there for him and vice versa. Our love for acting and cinema has allowed us to bond on another level besides being brothers. I don't advise him because we are the same age and it's strange to give advice. It's best to be supportive and let him discover his own journey. He's very hardworking and and we are all there for him. He has to discover like I did. Whatever I am today comes from my own journey. Mohit is an honest critic of mine.

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