Veggie delight!

Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 7:25am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Saif Ali Khan is digging into vegetarian food these days, and loving it, thanks to his begum

Many would give an arm to have a hot bod like Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is a role model to many who want both healthy and hot body, hence it comes as no surprise that her husband is adopting her lifestyle and eating habits. Saif Ali Khan, who is known for his hard-core non-veg food habits, is eating vegetarian food these days -- something that his biwi has been doing for years now. Interestingly, Kareena fell in love with veggies while she was dating Shahid Kapoor. Saif is also using Kareena's nutritionist-dietician of many years Rujuta Diwekar. A few years ago, the actor started doing yoga with Bebo's yoga teacher Payal Gidwani. Now, that's called influence.

A source close to Saif says, "He has adopted a strenuous workout regime to strengthen his fitness and stamina as he wanted to sport a beefed-up look for Phantom. Saif has been working out twice a day, seven days a week. Kunal, his personal trainer also travels with him on his shoots to ensure that he doesn't miss out on a single work-out. Saif cuts short his lunch breaks to work-out. He works out every single morning and later hits the gym during his lunch break. If that wasn't all, the actor also does yoga thrice a week with a customized diet supervised by Rujuta."

Rujuta says, "Saif told me he wanted to have a fit and lean body. He's a very sincere, keen and disciplined person who does everything I ask him to do and is very regimental even with his eating habits. I guess Bebo's discipline has rubbed off on him. He has seen me working with Bebo and asked me to work out a diet for him. What really appeals to him about my diets are that they are doable, real and the best thing is that it leaves him feeling very happy and energetic. I have been working on his diet for almost two months now. In fact Kareena says jokingly that I am the other woman in Saif's life."

However, the dietician says that she makes sure that like Kareena, Saif doesn't stick to the same diet. "He is travelling to different places and the diets are according to the local delicacies. His image is of a meat-eating person but he's very sweet and has turned a vegetarian. This too is Bebo's influence. He's a dominant vegetarian now. Saif is very studious and keeps asking me why I give what I do. He's very disciplined like Kareena was and once he's made up his mind, he just follows it."

Saif's everyday diet in Mumbai
Wake up to a fruit like a banana
Morning for breakfast poha or a paratha
After work-outs dahi-rice or khichdi or poha or idli
Chaas and after two hours a mango
Evening he has what Kareena usually eats like pulao-raita
Dinner khichdi or chicken or fish curry rice

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