From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan: 10 of Bollywood's worst on-set injuries

Friday, 31 January 2014 - 4:32pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA Web Team

The past week proved to be a not a very good one for our Bollywood stars as many of them suffered injuries in freak accidents on the sets of their respective films. 

While Shah Rukh Khan was lucky enough to escape with some minor injuries after a glass door fell on him on the sets of Happy New Year, actor Arshad Warsi was not so lucky. 

The actor hit his head on a metal trolley while filming a scene for his next film The Legend of Michael Mishra. The actor announced on Twitter that he is doing fine and is under observation. Actress Ameehsa Patel too hurt herself when she fell down the stairs while shooting.

While these stars were lucky to have immediate medical help, Bollywood has a string of on-set accidents that range from suffering grievous injury to near-brush with death. Here is a look at some such incidents.

Amitabh Bachchan















The whole country came to a standstill when the megastar suffered a near-fatal injury on the sets of his film Coolie in 1983. While filming a fight scene with Puneet Issar, Amitabh was required to fall on a table and then roll on the ground. As he jumped, the table's corner hit him in the abdomen and ruptured his intestine leading to heavy blood loss. The incident nearly took his life, but prayers and wishes by the entire nation brought the actor back from the dead. 

Shah Rukh Khan












King Khan is not a stranger to injuries and pain as he has has been the victim of several on-set accidents. The actor suffered a shoulder injury while shooting for 'Dulha Mil Gaya' in 2009. He also suffered a back injury while he was shooting for Shakti. He hurt himself pretty bad while filming an action sequence for Don 2. The scene where SRK had to use cables went horribly wrong when the actor fell down and injured his back and elbow. He has suffered several injuries in his two decade-long career.

Hrithik Roshan















This talented actor has also had several brushes with accidents on film sets. He suffered a severe back pain after he injured himself while shooting an action scene for Agneepath. However, the worst came when the light-eyed actor suffered a head injury while shooting for Bang-Bang. The actor continued to shoot despite severe headache, but had to be hospitalised after being diagnosed with subdural hematoma (blod clot). The actor underwent a brain surgery in July 2013 for removal of the clot.

Akshay Kumar













The actor who is known for performing his own stunts has had quite a few close shaves while shooting. The actor suffered a nasty back injury while shooting for 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi' where he had to lift WWE wrestler The Undertaker in a scene. Akshay still suffers from bouts of pain due to that injury. He has also sprained his back while shooting for an action sequence in Patiala House. He also injured his shoulder while filming the climax scene in Rowdy Rathore.

Aamir Khan














Though Aamir Khan is mostly associated with brains than brawn, the actor has had his share his of injuries while shooting for his films. may not be as popular as Akshay Kumar or Big B or Akshay Kumar for his action scenes. But he too has had his share of freaky accidents on sets. He pulled a hamstring while shooting for Ghajini, where he had to lift and throw a 100 kg man. Despite rehearsals with trainers, the actor injured himself during the shoot. the injury worsened when Aamir refused to take rest and continued filming. Ultimately, it delayed the shoot by three weeks.

Ranveer Singh














The powerhouse performer is prone to accidents and injuries. A few films old, Ranveer has already cut his foot while shooting Ram Leela. He even got a nasty cut on his cheek while shooting for 'Gunday'. He has also been prone to falling sick. He was down with dengue while shooting for Gunday and even suffered a skin infection after he shot in the mud for a few scenes in the film.

Kangana Ranaut















This gutsy actress injured herself while shooting for Tanu Weds Manu. She had to ride a bike in a scene for the film, but she fell off the bike and fractured her foot. The actress also did some daring stunt scenes in Krissh 3, but thankfully that went well. 

Salman Khan














The actor tore a ligament in his arm while shooting for 'Wanted'. It got worse during the shooting of Dabangg due to which the film's schedule was postponed for several days.

Aishwarya Rai















The beautiful actress suffered a fracture on her foot after she was hit by a jeep on the sets of Khakee. The actress was advised bed rest for a month.

Sonu Sood




















Sonu is another actor who is prone to accidents on sets. He suffered a near-fatal head injury while filming for an action sequence. He landed on his head while doing the scene. He also fractured his leg just before the shoot of R...Rajkumar, which delayed the shoot of the film.

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