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Friday, 13 July 2007 - 11:59pm IST

After the unceremonious closure of her show ‘Kulvaddhu’, the actor begins anew with ‘Choona Hai Aasmaan Mujhe’.

After the unceremonious closure of her show ‘Kulvaddhu’, the actor begins anew with ‘Choona Hai Aasmaan Mujhe’

Daljit Kaur had become the face of Sony until ‘Kulvaddhu’ was unceremoniously called off air. She is now looking forward to her second innings with ‘Choona Hai Aasmaan Mujhe’ (Star One), the sequel to the popular show ‘Saara Akash’. Daljit says, “I am nervous and excited both; particularly after what happened last time. But luckily, this time the burden is not on me. There are several other actors in this show.” 

Incidentally, the show also stars Iqbal Khan.

Daljit continues, “An actor can’t do much. Even if a contract is signed, what can one do if the chemistry between the audience and the characters just refuses to strike? Thankfully, no one held me responsible for it.”

However, sources share that the channel was not particularly happy with Daljit’s acting. To that she replies, “I didn’t come across anyone who didn’t appreciate my acting. In fact, the channel even took me to one of their events in UK where I witnessed a huge craze for me. That assured me that I had made a mark in the industry.”

She reminisces, “The ‘Kulvaddhu’ unit was fun. On the last day of the shoot, I drew a sketch of a woman on the wall of my make-up room. She represented the character I played in the serial. Everyone in the unit signed on the wall as a remembrance. I am told that the sketch is still there.”

Daljit says she is looking forward to begin shooting after having an eventful summer. “I travelled to different places to meet my family members. I even went to Goa for a pre-monsoon picnic and enjoyed getting wet in the rains,” she shares.

Quiz her about her rapport with ‘Kulvaddhu’ producer Anuj Saxena and she says, “He is a gem. We are in touch intermittently because he travels a lot.” So is another offer on the way from his production house? Daljit replies, “Not at the moment. But I shall always be a part of his projects; at least in terms of providing moral support.”  Daljit is also likely to be a part of a to-be-launched thriller  ‘Ek Din Achanak’.     


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