Bitten by the Rajeev bug

Friday, 25 August 2006 - 7:28pm IST

Looks like actor Rajeev Khandelwal (Captain Rajveer) in ‘Left Right Left’ (SAB) has got an admirer on the sets.

Newcomer Gazal Rai is smitten by her ‘Left Right Left’ co-star.

Looks like actor Rajeev Khandelwal (Captain Rajveer) in ‘Left Right Left’ (SAB) has got an admirer on the sets. The grapevine suggests that actor Gazal Rai (Pooja) is smitten by Rajeev.

Insiders reveal that she blushes every time Rajeev is around. In fact, Rajeev is aware and is amused by this too. Recently, when he had to perform a difficult stunt, the cast and crew thought that it would be tough to complete it in one shot. But not only did Rajeev perfect it in one go, but he even gestured at Gazal saying, “This one’s for you!”

When asked about her fondness for her co-actor Rajeev, Gazal admits saying, “He is very cute. Both Rajeev and Shveta (Salve) are senior actors but do not throw attitude. In fact, Rajeev is very helpful while shooting.” She continues,
“People on the sets keep teasing me because I like Rajeev. But it’s nothing serious.” Narrating an interesting incident Gazal reveals, “At our launch party Rajeev walked up to me and said, ‘You are so cute. I hope we have a track together.’ I was so excited. I hope we do have a track together and I play his love interest.”

Having made a foray into theatre with Gujarati plays, Gazal made her debut on television with the show ‘Happy Go Lucky’ (Star One). “I do not have much time for plays but would love to do them,” she adds. The actor who plays a chirpy girl in ‘Left Right Left’ says that her character in the show is not a reflection of herself. “Pooja speaks in sms language.

It’s difficult to have a conversation if you keep using sms lingo,” she laughs. She further reveals that the actors had to undergo a rigorous training in Raigarh where they learnt rock climbing, trekking and staying underwater. “It was difficult but exciting,” she says.  Gazal vouches that her show is a welcome change from the regular soaps. “It is targeted at the youth which I am sure most of them can relate to,” she sums up.

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