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Ahmedabad woman alive after 4 trains pass over her

Sunday, 24 February 2013 - 8:11am IST | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: dna

Woman hit by train falls between tracks; three more trains pass over her but she survives.

It is said that you die only when death comes calling for you. It will be difficult to find a better proof of this than the case of the woman who allegedly seemed to be seeking death but was still alive after four trains had passed over her unconscious body.

The unidentified woman, though still unconscious at the time of writing, is recovering in VS Hospital where the doctors are confident that she will live.

The incident happened on Friday at Maninagar railway crossing where one Mahesh Bhavsar found a woman moving on a track apparently in the path of an oncoming train. Bhavsar, who was sitting on a bench in a temple close to the crossing, shouted at the woman and warned her to get off the track.

“She turned, saw me and kept walking. I think by the time she decided to lie down on the track the train had come close. This perhaps caused her to panic. But it was too late and the train hit her on the head,” said Bhavsar.
He soon called up Harshad Patel, a social worker in the area.

“The woman lay among the tracks after being hit. Fortunately, she had fallen parallel to the tracks and lay between them. I myself saw three more trains pass over her without even scratching her,” said Patel.

He said he approached the woman thinking she must be dead but found her alive though unconscious. Bhavsar said he had thought she must have died immediately after she was hit the first time.

The woman was rushed to the LG Hospital but as there was no neurosurgeon or CT scan operator at night, she was shifted to VS Hospital.

Khokhra police, who are investigating the matter, said that as of now they don’t know much about the woman as she is unconscious. Police recovered a purse with Rs900 in it and a bill of Rs300 from a petrol pump in Baroda Gotri. They also found a bottle of water beside her.

Railway police PSI, Vinayak Sindhe, said they had received a message about a suicide and had rushed to the spot but had found the woman alive. Police believe the woman, who was dressed in a yellow-salwar kameez, belongs to a well-to-do family as she had several ornaments on her, including a mangalsutra.

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