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Maths in std IX and X would be lighter now

Friday, 26 April 2013 - 9:50am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: dna

State board reduces total marks from 150 to 100.

There is good news for all those students of standard IX and X for whom mathematics is the toughest subject. The syllabus of mathematics has been made lighter from 2013-14.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to omit a significant portion of Algebra and Geometry papers in order to convert the 150 marks paper to 100 marks paper from 2013-14.

Approximately, 35 lakh students enrol in standard IX and X annually in state board schools across Maharashtra. Some of the schools and coaching classes have already started teaching in class 10 using old books as new books are not arrived yet.

Until now, maths is the only subject in standard IX-X which carries 150 marks weightage. Rest five subjects carry 100 marks weightage. To bring maths at par with other subjects, the board had earlier announced to reduce it to 100 marks. Algebra and geometry papers will now carry 40-marks each. 10 marks each are allocated to their internal exams.

According to a circular sent to all schools earlier this month, in standard IX algebra paper, a large portion of sets, ratio-proportion-variation and graphical representation of data histogram is deleted now. In geometry, coordinate geometry, mensuration and geometric construction have been chopped off along with some omission in lines and angles lesson.

For class 10, major chapters in algebra like geometric proportion, additional theorem and ogives are deleted. In geometry, a large portion of basic proportionate theorem and pythagoras theorem application, coordinate geometry, geometric constructions are cut off.

The move has raised the eyebrows of the maths teachers who think that conversion from 150 to 100 marks doesn’t necessarily need omission of the lessons. “There was no need to delete these topics in first place. Some very important lessons have been removed in this exercise. The students who will take maths in higher classes would have to work hard,” said a maths teacher Gauri Dighe. Moreover, syllabus of maths and science were revised only two years before, rued teachers.

Another teacher said, “Three years back board has converted the Social studies paper from 150 to 100 marks but no change in syllabus was made that time. Any major change should be announced a year before.” The board officials, however, claim that the omission is in sync with NCERT syllabus and Maharashtra State Curriculum Framework 2010.

The state board is offering easier version of maths (general mathematics) from last five years to those class 9-10 students who find the subject tough. In this year board exam, over 20% candidates appeared for general maths.

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