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Barcelona calls for racism purge from Spanish football after `banana insult` of Dani Alves

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 - 9:56am IST | Agency: ANI

Johannesburg: Spanish giants Barcelona has reportedly called for the eradication of racism from the country's football stadiums after a fan threw a banana at Brazilian fullback Dani Alves during Barcelona's 3-2 away win over Villarreal in the La Liga.

The banana landed on the pitch near Alves, which is the latest in a series of racist taunts that he has suffered in more than a decade playing in Spain, although he showed his scorn by picking up the banana and taking a bite out of it before setting up a goal in Barcelona's win.

According to Sport24, extending their support to Alves, Barcelona said in a statement that they stand with the player after the insults he received at the Villarreal ground by 'certain people' at the game.

Villarreal condemned the banana insult with a message on Twitter after their defeat, which said that it is a pity to see an 'ignoramus' capable of such a lamentable act, adding that there is no room for it in sport and even less in their club.

Ridiculing the incident, Alves said that he has been suffering from such incidents for the past eleven years, although he added that he is amused to see such actions from 'backward people', while his teammates and fans lent him public support.

Alves' compatriot Neymar posted a photograph of himself eating a banana and his two-year-old son hugging a cuddly banana toy on Instagram, along with the message that they are all 'monkeys', while former England international Gary Lineker tweeted his backing for Alves and called for a 'complete disdainful' treatment for the 'racist jerk'.

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