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Of dons, Orkut and Mumbai cops

Saturday, 2 December 2006 - 11:30pm IST

Police are angry that social networking site Orkut is host for fan clubs dedicated to underworld dons

MUMBAI: Fans of underworld dons beware. The Mumbai police is now taking its war against crime into cyberspace.

The Crime Branch has started investigating Orkut, a social networking site, which is hosting several communities and fan clubs dedicated to dreaded criminals like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel, Chhota Rajan, Abu Salem and Tiger Memon.

“We have begun our investigations to find out the people involved in constructing these fan clubs,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Dhananjay Kamlakar told DNA. “We are also finding out whether these sites are being controlled by the members of the various gangs or the gangsters themselves.”

The police lament the fact that these gangsters have fans despite evidence that they are cold-blooded killers. “There are instances where young ladies have sent matrimonial proposals to the gangsters on these sites,” says Kamlakar. “Shocking as it may sound but Abu Salem (in CBI custody) seems to fascinate ladies the most.”

The main reason, say police, for the proliferation of such fan clubs is the glorification of criminals by Bollywood films. What has shocked the police even more are the pictures used in these sites, which are available in police records or media archives.

Crime Branch sources said Rajan’s picture is ‘totally new’. “This is the first time Rajan’s picture sitting at the table has been used. We will use experts to determine all required information,” a source said.

The police say that they will take legal steps to shut down these fan clubs and have started the process with the Orkut site managers.  One of Dawood’s fan clubs, for instance, is owned by Ali Hammad who is apparently located in Pakistan, and has 1655 members. ‘Lord FB’ from United Arab Emirates, who has started another fan club of Dawood describes him thus: “The Worlds Most Dangerous Man, Indian Crime Lord.”

Chhota Rajan’s site describes Rajan as: “He is 1 of the indian don..do always gud jobs for india & protecting india always. at each and every level.” All sites request people to join them.

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