Cuffe Parade babysitter death baffles family

Sunday, 1 December 2013 - 10:26am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

The family of 19-year-old Chanda Pawar, who allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the 23rd floor of Makers Chamber in Cuffe Parade where she was working as a babysitter, are baffled as they are unable to ascertain what could have triggered the happy-go-lucky girl to take the drastic step.

According to the police, Chanda had spoken to her elder sister two hours before the incident and gave no signs of being depressed. “Chanda’s elder sister said they had a casual conversation and there was nothing that would make her suspect her sister was unhappy,” said Sharad Barde, senior police inspector at Cuffe Parade police station.

“The incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday. Chanda first landed on the corrugated sheet on the first floor. Since the sheet is slightly flexible, she sustained grievous internal injuries,” police said.

When asked about how the police derived the conclusion that Chanda had committed suicide and not accidentally fallen or been pushed, Barde said, “The place from which she fell has high grills. It is impossible to fall from there accidentally. Either a person can jump or has to be pushed. Circumstantial evidence and the fact that there were no bruises on her body to prove altercation indicate that she has committed suicide.” The medical report stated that the woman had died due to haemorrhage and multiple internal and external injuries. The other servants that worked in the house and Chanda’s family said that she had been happy working at Ramesh Gulchandani’s residence. 

In the case of the Omani national, Punickat Philip Raju, who had allegedly committed suicide by jumping off a building in Oshiwara last week, the Oshiwara police, who suspected foul play, threw a mannequin of the same weight as the deceased from the point from which the victim had fallen to ascertain whether the man had committed suicide or been pushed. “ In this case, there is nothing that indicates foul play. The place where the body lands is different if a person has been pushed, fallen accidentally or jumped deliberately,” Barde added.

Police are now waiting for the Call Record Data to ascertain who she spoke to last as that could help them in finding the reason that drove Chanda to take the drastic step.

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