7 food trends we want to see in 2014

Saturday, 28 December 2013 - 10:41am IST | Agency: dna

While hybrids were the highlight of this year, we also saw some drama of gastronomical proportions play out both on and offline and hope to not have to see it in the coming year.

Mushrooming multi-cuisine eateries
When we think of multi-cuisine, we associate it with the phrase Jack of all trades master of none. Many restaurants fail to deliver their best when they claim to serve too many cuisines under one roof.

Our advice:
avoid trying to please everyone. It’s an uphill task, instead stick to what you are good at and aim to deliver spot on every time.

Fleecing customers with different taxes
Some restaurants levy hidden charges and try to make a quick buck at patrons’ expense. While there are those who are aware of their rights, there are many who aren’t and are still clueless about the various taxes and charges mentioned on the bill. Also, some takeaway joints insist on charging a service charge, just for delivering your meals, which means you actually pay as much as you would if you were eating at the restaurant. Bottom line: eateries need to be transparent about the various charges that they levy on customers, rather than hoodwink them into paying up.

Theme restaurants that are creepy rather than cosy
We know that being whacky and outrageous grabs eyeballs. However, there is a line we believe that you should not cross. While theme restaurants are meant to add to your overall dining experience, eating food out of toilet shaped bowls or being fed like a patient at a hospital-themed restaurant is simply creepy and we could do without them in the coming year.

Restaurant owners needlessly courting controversy
The owners of an American Bakery Boutique & Bistro  had an epic melt down on Facebook. It was rude, but mostly just hilarious. While back home an eatery in the capital received a lot of flak for allegedly treating patrons badly and then bullying them into taking back their posts online.

Restaurant employees being gross on social media

When you order in or dine out, you expect certain levels of hygiene. But things are not always in your control, as proved by an employee of a fast food chain abroad who instagrammed some really disgusting things, including his own penis on a loaf of unbaked bread. In an another incident a photo went viral of an unidentified fast food chain employee licking a stack of taco shells.

Fast food chains jumping on the health wagon
Fast food chains exist for a reason, to indulge cravings minus the guilt. No matter what the sales pitch, don’t buy the fact that fast food can ever be healthy. Less calories, maybe, but at the end of the day, it’s junk, and you would be better of acknowledging that than falling for their tall claims.

No reservations rule at restaurants
After a hectic week, no one fancies waiting in serpentine queues outside your favourite restaurant. What makes it worse is the ‘no bookings, and no reservations rule’ that most eateries follow on weekends that acts as a dampener.

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