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Third Front a nightmare, Congress propping it: Arun Jaitley

Sunday, 30 March 2014 - 10:37pm IST | Agency: PTI

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley today accused the Congress of propping up the Third Front to stop the march of BJP, making it clear that such an option is a nightmare that will never happen.

Jaitley also said the Congress would be restricted to two digits in the upcoming Lok Sabha electiona and that's why it was propping up the Third Front in the hope of supporting it from outside to keep the BJP away from the Centre.

In this context Jaitley referred to Defence Minister AK Antony's remarks that secular forces may have to team up to keep BJP away.

"Sensing defeat, the Defence Minister A.K. Antony cautioned the left front that secular forces may have to team up again to keep the BJP out. It is clear that the Congress will be restricted to a two digit figure.

"It's only hope is to prop up the third front and support it from outside. Third front is a failed Idea. It's government that won't last beyond a few months. In terms of governance quality it is a nightmare. Is the Congress party hoping to repeat this "failed idea"?" Jaitley asked on his blog seeking voters' support for the BJP so that it could form the Government on its own.

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