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Nandan Nilekani favours reservation in private sector; rakes up a storm

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 - 5:54pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Industrialist turned politician shook the social media space today with this comments justifying the reservation system
  • Nandan-Nilekani

Recently nominated Congress candidate for upcoming general assembly elections, Nandan Nilekani, evoked a strong political debate on the otherwise sensitive subject of reservations.

Endorsing the idea and related policies, Nilekani wrote on his blog, “I favour the reservations that currently exist in the public sector.”

The man behind UDAI, yet another controversial system, explained his stance, “They are a force for inclusion and affirmative action. Reservation exists in the public sector because we have to acknowledge as a country that certain groups of people have been discriminated against for hundreds of years.”

The discussion was in reference to a video talk of his on the subject:

His argument was based on creating a more inclusive work environment, “When it comes to the private sector however, we should encourage private companies to themselves be more proactive about inclusion, and not over-regulate them.”

However, those in favour of meritocracy were obviously left feeling betrayed by the otherwise pro-liberalisation industrialist.

Many even accused him of changing sides from meritocracy to being pro-quota for political gains.

In his defense, Nilekani cited Infosys as an effective case study to his argument.

But people persisted,

Not to say that many of these people were actually venting their disapproval of Nilekani's recent political move. For instance, on Facebook, too, people put forward strong reactions to what many referred as Nilekani's “change of loyalties”. 

A certain Srijith Unni stated, “A group of people were discriminated against in a previous era socially and amends must be made for these communities, but in terms of formulating a policy we have often denied enough research to see how a policy holds together.”

He further questioned, “Are we not enforcing on the private sector, caste based divisions and lesser focus on performance and talent?”

Read his full post here:


But, pertinent questions were raised as well, a rarity in most online debates these days. 


Post by Deepak Agarwal


Nandan Nilekani is yet to answer to the motley of questions his followers have raised. In the meanwhile, the social media debate continues with as much ferocity, reviving an age old issue of independent India.

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