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Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Erode has potential to become a textile heaven says Narendra Modi

Thursday, 17 April 2014 - 2:39pm IST | Place: Erode (Tamil Nadu) | Agency: ANI

  • Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Erode has potential to become a textile heaven says Modi

Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Thursday said that Erode has the potential to become a textile heaven, and that its turmeric was world famous, which could change the face of the state's employment scenario if right initiatives were taken.

"India loves the turmeric of Erode as it makes our food tasty and colourful. He said that U.S had once sought patent for turmeric which had its medicinal and cosmetic usage since herbal products is growing on a large scale. Modi said that medicines and cosmetics from turmeric can change Erode's economy. BJP will give a special focus to develop herbal medicine and ayurveda and increase research and establish made in India brand," Modi said at a rally in Erode.

Modi also talked about Erode's textile industry and asked Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi that why proper measures were not taken to give jobs to youth in this sector.

"Erode district has the potential to be a textile heaven as all the components of the textile industry are present here such as dying, colouring as well as handloom are present here. We need to develop it in right way and provide infrastructure linkages. Whether it is Coimbatore, Tirupur or Erode, Gujarat has a very strong connection with this area as that is also a cotton growing state. And you people doing value addition by growing cotton. After, agriculture it is the textile which has the potential to generate a lot of jobs. Youth are dying to get jobs while the textile industry is going on the doldrums," Modi said.

"Shahzada why did your government not create right environment in India? Why did buyers moved to Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia? It is you who took away Indian youths jobs. Whose policies are responsible for this mess Madame Sonia?. Our Shahzada is moving all over India and talking about Made in India and Made in China. I want to ask Shahzada what are doing when China generates crores of jobs for its youth?" Modi thundered.

Modi stated that he was enjoying the hospitality of Tamil Nadu for the last two days during his visit.

"I am enjoying the hospitality of Tamil Nadu since last two days. Yesterday I went to Salem, Coimbatore and Krishnagiri, I can see the winds of change and people are fed up of the governments ruling them for all these years," Modi said.

Modi also rued about the dying fire cracker industry which was being eroded more by the influx of imports from cheap Chinese fire crackers.

"In Sivakasi, there's a fire cracker industry, who is responsible for the dwindling of this industry? It is the central government who is responsible for this condition and what happens is we import fire crackers from China," Modi said.

Modi also attacked Jayanti Natarajan who was the former environment minister

"I am sorry to say that one lady of Tamil Nadu was responsible for delaying a lot of infrastructure projects. This lady, again I repeat from Congress and it is not a fault of Tamil Nadu as she was elected in Rajya Sabha. Nation was told that projects were being held up for environmental reasons, in the name of green there was Jayanti tax. This was actually not due to green issues but green colour notes which features Mahatma Gandhi. Madame Sonia If the projects were held up due up due to green reasons then how come the green colour changed when you changed the environemtn minister? Almost 150 files were cleared the moment environment minister was replaced. Who is responsible for the loss of this great nation. Industry was halted, growth failed as thousands of youth lost their jobs?" Modi said.

Modi said that this elections were very special and therefore the people must elect a decisive leader at the helm of affairs at the centre.

"This election is very very special, neither the candidates nor the parties are contesting this time, it is the people of India who are contesting election. This election is for India first, it is an election for a government which works, A prime minister who is decisive and has a voice in the government. I do not need to explain to the people of Tamil Nadu what one suffers due to power deficit. Load shedding has become a thing of the past. Today if a ten or twelve year old from Gujarat comes to Tamil Nadu he will be shocked to see how this thing can happen and he won't be able to understand the power cuts," Modi said.

He also said that the youth in the age group of 18-28 must play a big role in this election as if they don't they will lose a big opportunity.

"This election is most important for the age group of 18-28. It is a very important phase of your life. Can you risk your life at this stage? Do you want to live the same life your parents and grand -parents live? If right environment is provided then every youth can shine. It is not like earlier times that only engineers and doctors can shine. You can become a tourist guide and earn in dollars by learning foreign languages. But unemployment remains a big problem in Tamil Nadu. In 2012, 77.43 lakh people were registered with employment exchange but your government gave jobs to a meager 10800 only. In Gujarat we provide both skills and employment. Gujarat provided 57 percent of total jobs through employment exchange. BJP has promised in manifesto and it is my personal assurance that we will re-orient economy so that job creation remains at its core. We will create National multi-skilled mission, we will promote labour intensive manufacturing and tourism. Our focus is good governance and development," Modi added.

He asked the youth to think for their future.

"I wish the first time voters, think about your future and the country's future and if you miss this moment who will become the first loser. Wherever elections are over the turnout has been high and the credit goes to first time voters. I am sure in Tamil Nadu you will come out to vote," Modi said.

BJP's prime ministerial candidate said that he had a great relation with Vaiko and said that a new alliance with him would be the future of Tamil Nadu.

"I always have a long and great relation with my friend Vaiko and under a new initiative that under that leadership of Vaiko , Ramadoss and Radkrishnan we will change the face of Tamil Nadu and India as this is the new future of Tamil Nadu. Only Tamil Nadu can play a major role for a strong government," Modi said.

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