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I support Narendra Modi not BJP: Raj Thackeray

Thursday, 17 April 2014 - 10:10pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

On Thursday, Raj Thackeray spoke to Arnab Goswami from Times now on various issues ranging from his support for Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh's recent statements and his thoughts on the candidates for Prime Minister.

Here are the highlights:

* On the point of him contesting only 10 seats out of 48 seats in Maharashtra, Thackeray responded by saying firstly, in 2009, he had contested only 11 seats. Going further to explain, "It's not about how many seats you contest. It's about how many seats you win."

* When asked about the fact that MNS has to grow, Thackeray explained that the party will grow eventually, but for now he wants to focus on regions and wants to show results.

* When being accused of fighting Lok Sabha election only to help BJP, Thackeray said "No. What is there to help? Last election there was no such issue." Adding that, this time, if there is an issue, it is for the people.

* About the issue of helping the BJP, Thackeray gave a number of responses, saying, "There's no question of helping BJP. If I had to help, I would have done it completely." He also added that he's not the kind of person to do things secretly.

* When asked about his critisms towards Narendra Modi, Thackeray explained that it was not criticism. He said, "If Modi wants to be PM, then he shouldn't live in a state but become the candidate for the entire nation. PM candidate should not have the label of a state. I want Narendra Modi to rise as the leader of the nation."

"I am supporting Modi because of the work that he has done in Gujarat, which I have seen. Based on that I support him," he continued.

* Thackeray also said that he doesn't support every statement made by Modi, and respects and supports him as PM. He further stated, "If I disapprove with Narendra Modi's statement, then it is my job to talk about it"

* On Rajnath Singh's statement about Thackeray misleading the voters, he said, "I don't pay attention because I am supporting Modi, not Rajnath"

* About Modi as Prime Minister, Thackeray said that he if a person is doing good work in his state then he will do good work in the country and that's why he supports him. "If we want a change in the country, then we should support a person who has proved his mettle in his state" He also mentioned that he believes that there is a 'Modi Wave' happening right now.

* About his own campaign strategies and plans he said, "I am doing my own politics, I am not trying to threaten any other party. Let them do their politics and fight elections. If I am given a majority by the public, then I deserve it. I am not contesting to demean anyone. I have not criticised the Shiv Sena or any other party. But, the moment I do something, they start taking potshots at me. t is they who I wanted to know if I would join the NDA. My only question was on the seat sharing arrangement. I said I will support Modi if need be. I have not demanded anything. I just want the country to get a stable government and a man who does good work."

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