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Delhi gang-rape victim's parting gift to women: Be courageous & speak out

Sunday, 30 December 2012 - 9:06am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Reporting the complaint regarding sexual harassment meant carrying the stigma for the rest of the life.

The gang-rape victim in Delhi has given the parting gift to women of this country — be courageous and report case of molestation and rape.

As a result, more and more such cases are emerging recently. Sandip Bhajibhakare, assistant commissioner of police, Aurangabad, was booked on Thursday for allegedly sexually abusing and sending lewd SMSes to a woman constable in August 2010. “Like this many cases have taken place earlier, but they are resurfacing now. And, the victims are encouraged and coming forward to file a complaint. Earlier, only the tip of the iceberg cases used to be registered against larger incident at ground. Now, the things are changing,” said Flavia Agnes, a woman activist.

“Earlier, women used to keep quite. Reporting against molestation and rape incident in police station was always discouraged by the family members. However, the mind set is now changing,” said Sonia Gill, the state secretary of All India Democratic Women Association.

She said, “Young women are more courageous and well aware about their rights. They have got the instinct to fight against the injustice. It is good sign and this set of value should be spread everywhere.”

Another activist said earlier reporting the complaint meant carrying the stigma for the rest of the life. “It was sad that the victim was victimised for the loading complaint. They were discouraged by the family and police also. Most were suppressed at the spot only. Only 0.1% cases reaches to police station,” said Anjali Sandhansiv, a lawyer.

Women are living in the male-dominated society. “We need to break the shackle and equal right should be given to them. The social organisation should conduct various social awareness programmes,” she added.

Flavia Agnes said the atmosphere at police station need to change. “After this Delhi incident, the police are more sensitive and registering the cases. I expect the same atmosphere in future also. Police should not ask uncomfortable questions to the victims. Otherwise, they will feel that they had committed crime rather the assailants. They should change their behaviour. As a result, more cases will be reported and it will discourage people not to indulge in unlawful activity,” she said.
She further said, the gang rape in Delhi has played a crucial role. “It will create a platform to propose various good laws for women to ensure their protection and security. As a result, the authority will be more sensitive,” Agnes added.

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