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BJP accuses AAP of political opportunism

Sunday, 22 December 2013 - 9:52pm IST | Agency: PTI

BJP today slammed Aam Admi Party's move to seek public opinion for forming a government with Congress support, calling it a "farcical referendum" and a camouflage for political opportunism and wondered if the party's "volte face" marks the end of "alternative politics" promised by it.

In an article released by the BJP, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley recalled that AAP had categorically stated it stands for alternative politics and is guided by idealism. AAP had also underlined before the elections that it will neither support nor accept the support from either the Congress or the BJP.

"How does AAP justify a volte face where it seems to be compromising on its commitments of alternative politics. Obviously, political opportunism should have no place in alternative politics dictated by idealism," Jaitley said.

BJP maintained that AAP enacted a "farcical referendum" as its MLAs may not be wanting early polls or the party may be strategising on how to capture power, announce a few popular decisions and carve out a further positioning for itself.

"For any of these strategies to prevail AAP has to somersault from its stated position. It has to retract its public commitments of not accepting support from the Congress Party," Jaitley said.

He alleged that this referendum has a "self-serving model" where motley crowds are collected all over the town and its support is sought.

"A question is asked whether AAP should form a government. Obviously, they are all thrilled with the idea. In the process, a statistical wonder is produced wherein less than 30 per cent people voted for AAP in the election but more than 75 per cent want it to form a government," Jaitley said.

BJP alleged that AAP is trying to mask political opportunism through this exercise.

Is this the beginning of alternative politics or the end of it?" Jaitley said. 

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