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20 things Narendra Modi said in the Zee News interview

Monday, 28 April 2014 - 10:02pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi spoke to Zee News on various issues amidst the Lok Sabha Elections.

* I'm not a robot. I'm a common man. I too have my weaknesses but I try to follow good ideals. 

* To those who have received messages about my secular credentials, I request them to come visit Gujarat and live here for 10 days. My actions speak louder than words. 

* Elections in India are not fought over foreign policy, they are fought over issues of employment, food prices etc. That said I believe if our domestic issues are solved, we will be stronger on an international platform. I am not yet the Prime Minister. It would not be appropriate for me to comment on issues of foreign policy at this time. 

* Each state has to get its own model. Cannot implement Gujarat Model everywhere. Even in Gujarat, each district has a different model. I cannot make everyone eat Dhokla, some people will prefer Idli others Parathas. I believe each state and each district needs its own model. 

* When I became the CM, many said, 'atleast give us power at dinner time' I have ensured Gujarat has 24*7 power. Nothing is impossible. Its possible in India too.

* Will anyone ask what the NAC does? What constitutional authority does it have?

* I have never been concerned about my security, never was, never will be. When the blasts occured at my rally in Patna, I survived through, God protected. I know God want's me alive. God will protect me.

* Narendra Modi refused to comment on Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra and reiterated his focus is on development and good governance.

* I am neither vindictive nor will I interfere in legal matters. Law will take its own course when it comes to corruption cases. There will be no political intervention.

* Media has falsely created an image of all politicians as corrupt. Even Congress has good people in it. 

* The young generation today is very smart. Isn't swayed by looks, clothing. Researches and makes their own opinion. This is the Google generation. They won't be swayed by my clothing style, they want good governance.

*There is no secret to my energy, people look at me as a labourer and I like working like a labourer. There is a general feeling amongst many, that politicians at the highest levels do nothing. I want to break that. 

* Indian media has been very unfair to me. Newstraders have been only abusing and accusing me, if you visit YouTube, you will only see certain clips being asked of me. Nothing else. 

* If I don't become a Prime Minister, that's fine. I'll go back to being a tea vendor. I see nothing wrong in that. My job doesn't depend on pleasing one family, like Jairam Ramesh. 

* I'm against caste based vote bank politics. Will never use my OBC background to seek votes. Nor will I use my poverty to gain votes. That's not who I am.

* Chidambaram should ask himself why are rating agencies not giving him credit for the stock market hitting new highs.

* Even Gandhi ji wanted to end Congress

* Congress is source of all problem in the country including corruption, dynastic politics and misgovernance. There is no political problem in this country that isn't linked to the Congress. 

* The last 10 years have been so terrible, it's become difficult for the common man to see a great future. I can see it though. I have the confidence to do so

* My politics is for the common man, not for the 'khaas aadmi

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