Serial scan: 'Bring On The Night'

Friday, 19 October 2012 - 7:00pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Though not a family-bonding series, the show will hit home with the youth for sure.

A concoction of exciting flavours, content and absolute madness — MTV has given Mumbai’s youth something new to talk about. A 10-part fictional miniseries Bring On The Night holds the channel’s tagline true to its meaning. Directed by 2012 Cannes Lions-winner for The Dewarists, Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, who is also the frontman of one of Mumbai’s most-talked about metal bands, the series brings contemporary slick humour to television with a thick plot line that revolves around four friends, the ‘wolf pack’ as they call themselves, — KD (Arjun Mathur), Devang (Hussain Dalal), Patrick (Patrick Graham) and Maakad (Sarang Sathaye) — who wish to do the city’s cliché, that it never sleeps, justice.

KD, a night club manager, has recently faced unemployment and is socially cut off because of a certain incident that occurred on a single night — a night where everything went wrong. After Patrick induces a cat invasion, borrowed from his ex-girlfriend’s (Dilkhush Reporter) apartment, for the allergic KD, he ‘showers back’ to the crowded bustle of the city and his friends, notably played by Parsi-lover Darius Dorabji (Danesh Irani) and brothers Xerxes and Hoshang Mistry (Afshad Kelawala and Kashyap Kapoor). KD explains his passion and the two things that gets the city going – the ocean and the nightlife. And he finds just the right place to bring the night alive – Xerxes’ father’s 200-year-old building ‘behind the donut shop on Kemp’s Corner’. So, with a little help of his friends, quite literally, KD turns the dilapidated building into a happening all-night hangout place, where the city’s patrons guzzle down their day and party their after-parties!

Krishnamoorthy has also kept the music alive with the title track Beep off by Mumbai based electronic/alternative band Sky Rabbit and original score by Randolph Correia to fit the mood right on the nose, considering a few dialogues have to be beeped off. Although, four episodes into the series, it’s evident that the show has one thing in mind — Mumbai. From gritty chaiwallahs to the brun maska of the dying Iranian cafes to beautiful shots of the Marine Drive and the effect of the powerful social media, the countdown to sunset only invites more curiosity from the viewers so as to how this dream-run will change its tide with the upcoming story. Though not a family bonder, the show will hit home with the youth for sure.

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