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The internet debates whether Airtel's new ad 'Boss' breaks or re-enforces gender stereotypes

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 - 2:58pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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A few days ago, Airtel released a new ad about two working professionals. To look at it from the perspective one man and one woman and gives you a glimpse of their life in relation with their respective spouses.

The ad begins with the woman telling her male employee to finish whatever work he was assigned, no matter how long it takes. He obviously works late into the night, trying hard to finish the work. We switch back to the female, who is on her way home. When she reaches home, she makes a delicious home cooked meal for her husband. Once again the ad moves back to the male, while explains to his wife that his boss gave him a lot of work, and he won't be home for dinner. It is at this point in the end, when you actually find out that they are married to each other.

Now, the ad meant to give out a simple message that the woman of today, can do it all. Work and run the household. But, as many people have observed, why is it that the working woman has to go home and then slave over a hot meal? Indians expressed their outrage via Twitter. As the debate snowballed, there were those that acknowledged that she was never asked or ordered to make dinner, she did it of her own accord.

Here are some of the mixed reactions to the Airtel ad entitled 'Boss'


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