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Edward Snowden's left ex 'to fend for herself' amid NSA revelations, reveals father

Sunday, 19 January 2014 - 11:52am IST | Agency: ANI

The ex-girlfriend of NSA leaker Edward Snowden was left on her own, without even any money to support herself, her father said.

Jonathan Mills said his daughter Lindsay, a dancer, 'was left to fend for herself' after Snowden disclosed massive amounts of classified information on the National Security Agency's surveillance on millions of Americans.

According to the New York Daily News, Lindsay, a former ballet dancer and graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, was left behind as Snowden flew to Hong Kong.

The couple had been living in Hawaii, where Snowden worked as a contractor for the government agency.

Snowden had told her that he was only going to Hong Kong on a business trip and that he would be back in a matter of weeks, Mills said.

His heartbroken ex, meanwhile, found out the truth of what happened on the nightly news, Mills said.

Lindsay was then forced to keep a low-profile life, taking down her blog and Instagram accounts, which had chronicled her life in great detail.

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