Sheldon Cooper drama continues as Jim Parson's return to 'The Big Bang Theory' uncertain

Sunday, 27 July 2014 - 2:26pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Rumours continue to swirl around in the virtual world about Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory, and the uncertainty of the original casts' contracts for the upcoming 8th season.

Empire News reported that Jim Parson will not be returning for the CBS show's eighth year. He reportedly walked off of the set after a fight with co-star Johnny Galecki. Empire cites that sources on the show explain that there has been a lot of tension on the set while the new season was being filmed.

"After season 6, which everyone did for the same amount of money, I think the monotony of playing the same stupid characters for so long, for over 150 episodes, was really getting to everyone, Parsons especially. So they all asked for a pay raise. They got it going into season 7, but this time around, for the season we’re filming, the cast, or rather their agents, really wanted more than they deserved," the Empire News report quoted show runner Chuck Lorre.

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The report also had a quote from Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard Hofstadter, "I don’t really care that [Parsons] is gone. We can do a whole hell of a lot better with someone else, anyway. Last season ended with (Parsons' character) Sheldon running away because Leonard was moving out of the apartment. He was supposed to come back, obviously, and we shot a few scenes with him back, but now, the hell with it, they’re just going to write him out permanently."

The rumours were given more value when just a while ago, the original five were still in negotiations for higher salaries, with reports stating that they were asking for about $1 million per episode. 

But according to the internet, the report is supposedly a complete hoax. Which makes sense, since Empire News themselves admit that they're a satirical website. It seems very likely that the fan favourite will return to the CBS flagship show for years to come.

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