Kick: Salman Khan shows you how to be Super-Human!

Friday, 25 July 2014 - 6:27pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

Salman Khan's latest outing is a resounding success. While it has the usual elements of great music and stunt scenes, Kick still stands out from his other films.


A round-up of the performances

Kick is an out and out Salman Khan film! But with a difference. Salman Khan, is a show stealer giving one of his finest performances in the recent past. He is cute as Devi, his character in the film, and fiery as the Devil. Salman’s aura and tremendous energy definitely pulls this otherwise lack-luster plot all the way through. Like most of his masala potboilers, Salman does give Kick the necessary gravitas, but with this film, he goes a step further in trying something outrageously different from a Dabangg or a Jai Ho

Jacqueline Fernandez seems to have made the best use of what is her career’s biggest film. While her contemporaries have stuck to playing glamorous arm candies, appearing in skimpy clothes and performing an iconic dance number, Jacqueline does all that and a lot more. The uneasiness in her moves is gone, the discomfort with Hindi has vanished. While the first half gives her character a lot more nuance, it’s her chemistry with Salman that is jaw-dropping through the entire film. 

Randeep Hooda, is a definite downer. I suppose it could be my sky high expectations from the actor that are to be blamed. But an actor of his caliber, hamming all the way through the film was very disappointing! 

If there is one person who stood out performance wise, it has to be Nawazuddin Siddique. With a laugh that sounds pure evil and his menacing mannerisms, Nawaz pulls off a stellar villainous act and leaves us breathless!

Mithun Chakraborty and Salman’s father-son relationship, filled with so much love, trust and belief also stands out.


Direction, Music and Stunts

Debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala doesn’t sound too preachy with Kick but he can definitely do a lot better. In his first directorial venture, he has taken a huge number of risks and pulled them off well. Replete with high dosage of adrenaline pumping action sequences, Sajid Nadiadwala has definitely upped the bar for such films. 

The director, however, does waste too much of time in the first half developing the characters, significantly slowing the pace of the film. The film is 20 minutes too long and it feels like there is too long a gap between the climax of the film and its end credits. Also, the emotional angle that the director brings in to help us understand and believe why Devi turns into Devil doesn't hold ground. It's not easy to buy that Salman’s Devi would get a kick from such a thing!

There are several points where you think of Dhoom in the film, because of the similarities to the action franchise. Much of the second half looks too much like Dhoom and is immensely caricaturish.

The music is exemplary and stays with you even after the film is over. From 'Hangover' to 'Jumme Ki Raat', all the songs are beautifully captured on screen and give it the much needed groove. But it is the 'Devil' song which almost made me get up and dance. Nargis Fakhri looked resplendent in this raunchy number and the end credit takes us by surprise altogether.

The stunt sequences by Arasu are deftly pulled off, courtesy a certain Salman Khan, who brilliantly carries off such action with flamboyance and panache. It is the much talked about train segment which brought in the hugest number of ceetees and taalis but the other stunts - be it the chase sequence or the climax - all keep you at the edge of your seat. 


Not just another Salman Khan film

Normally, people would go in to watch a Salman Khan film without expecting any story. But Kick is not just another brainless, mindless Salman film. Providing a background to all his characters, Sajid Nadiadwala clearly loops around a story that may not be entirely believable but at least gives his characters a proper reason for what they do in the film.

Of all his other mindless flicks, Kick definitely stands out for the progression it shows in Salman as an actor. Although he’s trying to do different films, with Jai Ho and now Kick on his list, he should do more meaningful ones with more of his heart than his biceps! 

Kick is slick, intriguing and entertaining. It is about doing something good for the society; it is about bringing smiles to people’s faces. And finally, Kick is about bringing out the super human in you. And trust me: you need no masks to do that! Go get your Kick this Eid!  

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