Get Rs 30,000 in exchange of 5 rupee note, here's how

All you have to do is visit this website to check the rates if your Rs 5 note is old and rare.

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Get Rs 30,000 in exchange of 5 rupee note, here's how


Do you want to earn some quick cash without working? It sounds unbelievable but if you have an old Rs 5 note, you are in some luck. In exchange of one note, you can earn up to Rs 30,000. Exciting, right?

While it may sound a little strange, it is absolutely true. You can pocket a huge amount of money in exchange for an old Rs 5 note can get you a huge amount. All you have to do is check the best rates on a website if your Rs 5 note is old and rare. However, there are some conditions.

You can only earn up to Rs 30,000 if your note has a picture of a tractor on it. Besides, The note issued by the Reserve Bank of India becomes extremely rare if it has the number 786 written on it.

If you do have such a note, you can visit the website and check how much you can get for it. 

Old and rare notes are bought and sold on a website called Coin Bazzar. Recently, an advertisement has been given on this website with a note of 1 rupee. According to this, if you have a note of 1 rupee and it meets their standards, then you can earn Rs 45,000 in exchange for it. Be sure to know the conditions before checking your old notes.

You can also Get Rs 25 lakh in exchange of 1 rupee coin.

On this website, you can also earn straight Rs 45,000 without doing anything by just sitting in the comfort of your home. You just have to possess an old one rupee note dating back to the years 1977-1979. 

The only catch is that the old one rupee note should have the signature of the former principal secretary, ministry of finance, Hirubhai M Patel, who served his tenure in 1977-1979 under Prime Minister Morarji Desai.

The one rupee note was introduced under the British Raj on November 30, 1917. Though the government of India and the Reserve Bank of India has stopped printing the one rupee note, still an old one rupee note can help you earn Rs 45,000.

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