Tunisha Sharma death: Actor's uncle gives sharp rebuttal to Sheezan Khan's 'Shraddha murder' statement

The alleged suicide of TV actress Tunisha Sharma led to the arrest of her boyfriend Sheezan Khan in an abetment to suicide case.

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Tunisha Sharma, a 20-year-old TV actress died on the sets of a television show last week and the blame for her alleged suicide fell on her co-actor and former boyfriend Sheezan Khan, who was later arrested by the Vasai police on the charges of abetment to suicide.

During police interrogation, Sheezan Khan revealed to the authorities that he had ended his relationship with Tunisha Sharma over religious and age differences. Khan has also said that the gruesome Shraddha Walkar murder case had created a disturbed environment in the country, which is why he chose to break up with Sharma.

Giving a sharp response on the reason for the breakup by Sheezan Khan, Tunisha Sharma’s uncle Pawan Sharma told the media that if the actor was “so concerned with all this”, then why did he keep spending time with the actress despite the breakup?

While speaking to media outlet NDTV, Pawan Sharma questioned Khan’s statement on breaking up with Tunisha due to a religious divide and age difference and even questioned if there was any break-up at all initiated by the Ali Baba actor.

Questioning “why did he do all this”, Pawan Sharma told NDTV, “If so, then why were they having lunch together everyday? By themselves, in a room? What was that about? If there was a break-up, why were you spending time with her?”

During the police interrogation in the Tunisha Sharma death case, Sheezan Khan said that he was concerned about the religious divide and disturbed environment caused by the murder of Shraddha Walkar by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala, which is why he broke up with Sharma.

Earlier, Pawan Sharma had claimed that Sheezan Khan was “in touch with many girls” throughout his relationship with his niece and was also cheating on her while they lived together. Khan has not made an official statement about these rumours yet.

Tunisha Sharma was found hanging on the set of a TV show last week and was declared dead when her crew members rushed her to the hospital. Sources have claimed that she had lunch with Sheezan Khan on the day of her death.

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