Meet superstar actress, once had no money for school fees, rode buses in poverty, now lives in Rs 800-crore house

This actress, a superstar today, once struggled to pay her school fees and rode buses as she could not afford a car

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Meet superstar actress, once had no money for school fees, rode buses in poverty, now lives in Rs 800-crore house
The star who lives in a Rs 800-crore house


Everyone assumes that star kids are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Granted that most star kids grow up in privileged backgrounds and have money and luxuries around them, but that is not the case with all of them. There are a few star kids, who grow up in rather humble surroundings, sometimes due to their star parents losing money or falling on hard times, and other times because of just fate. This is one such riches-to-rags-to-riches story.

The superstar who had no money to pay school fees

Kareena Kapoor is from Bollywood royalty as a member of the Kapoor family. Granddaughter of the great Raj Kapoor, she is the daughter of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita. When Kareena was born in 1980, she had an older sister Karisma (who would go on to be an actress herself in the 90s). Once, Randhir revealed during an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show that the family fell on hard times during the 80s. The veteran actor said that he would have no money even to pay the school fees of his two daughters.

Kareena Kapoor with Saif and Karisma at the Pataudi Palace

In 2011, speaking with Hindustan Times, Kareena had revealed that the two sisters did not have a rich upbringing even if it was slightly more privileged. She said that Karisma took the local train to her college while she would ride the bus to school. The family was on the verge of poverty at one time.

Kareena Kapoor’s wealth today

After her debut in 2000, Kareena quickly established herself as an A-lister in Bollywood and was, for a time, the highest-paid actress in India. Even today, when she is not the Queen of Bollywood, Kareena commands quite a lot of respect in the industry. She charged Rs 8-18 crore per film today, and has a reported net worth of Rs 480 crore. Since her marriage to actor Saif Ali Khan, she is also the titular Begum of Pataudi. This means that she calls the sprawling Pataudi Palace her home. At Rs 800 crore, it is the most expensive home owned by any actor in India.

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