What are 'Deltacron' symptoms? Know as Covid-19 Delta+Omicron cases rise

The name 'Deltacron' is the combination of the Covid-19 strains 'Delta' and 'Omicron' and was first detected in UK in mid-February.

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Even as most countries have lifted Covid-19 restrictions with the hope of life returning to normalcy, all is not hunky-dory as far as the hybrids of the Covid virus is concerned. 

Europe and several Asian countries including South Korea have reported a massive coronavirus outbreak driven by the fast-moving omicron variant 'Deltacron'.

This hybrid strain has compromised a once robust pandemic response and is driving up hospitalisations and fatalities in South Korea.

What is Deltacron?

The name 'Deltacron' is the combination of the Covid-19 strains 'Delta' and 'Omicron'.

When and where was it first detected?

In mid-February, UK health officials confirmed that they are monitoring the new Covid strain dubbed 'Deltacron' after a patient was diagnosed with both the Delta and Omicron variants of Covid-19 at the same time. Initially, it was assumed to be a laboratory error. However, it turned out to be true.

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What are the symptoms of 'Deltracron'?

High fever and subsequent sweating or chills
Sore throat
Persistent cough
Unexplained fatigue or loss of energy
Loss or change of taste and smell


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