UK PM race: TV host collapses in the middle of live debate, Rishi Sunak rushes to help

Eyewitnesses were quoted on what went behind the scenes where the Indian-origin PM contender was seen rushing to the unwell host's side.

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Amid a debate on live TV between UK Prime Ministerial contenders Liz Truss and Indian-origin Rishi Sunak was suddenly disrupted after the host Kate McCann collapsed mid-way through the debate. Sunak rushed to the aid of the TV presenter who was anchoring the discussion. 

The incident happened at a time when Sunak’s rival and UK Foreign Secretary Truss was talking about her plans for the economy. On live TV, Truss was seen stopping mid-way with her face in shock as she reacted to the collapse of the host off the screen with a loud noise.  

Eyewitnesses were quoted on what went behind the scenes by a leading UK newspaper. The former Chancellor who could be UK’s first PM of Indian-origin was seen rushing to the side of the unwell presenter. 

Liz Truss also followed as both the politicians were seen checking up on McCann, kneeling beside her. The debate was halted for around 30 minutes as the channel switched to another studio. Sunak and Truss will go head to head in another live debate before the polls. 

Tory members who will vote for the next UK PM will start receiving postal ballots from next Tuesday. The voting will go on till September 2. The results for the UK PM election will be declared on September 5.

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(With inputs from PTI)

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